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Welcome to the Center for Global Education

The mission of the Center for Global Education (CGE) is to serve the Marymount University community by providing inclusive and accessible academically-based programming to cultivate the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to be active, informed, and culturally sensitive citizens who are empowered to promote social justice in both a local and global context.

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Global Self- Awareness the process through which students develop an understanding of the relationships between and interconnectedness of the self, local and global communities, and the natural and physical world
Perspective Taking the process through which students recognize the ways in which their own perspectives and beliefs have been shaped, as well as the ability to acknowledge and respect a multiplicity of perspectives beyond their own
Cultural Diversity the process through which students develop the curiosity to learn about others with different cultural backgrounds from ones own, as well as their ability to comparatively analyze cultures in a way in which they begin to recognize complex power structures and cultural inequalities
Social Responsibility/ Commitment to Service the process through which students develop an awareness of the responsibility that they have to society—both locally and globally—as well as the difference they can make by serving these communities in ways that are mutually beneficial and sustainable

Marymount University Global Competencies

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