Current Global Scholars

Marah Burt
Major: Politics

Hi! My name is Marah Burt. I am studying Politics with a minor in International Studies. I’m from Massachusetts and am a member of the class of 2023. I joined Global Scholars because I want to gain a deeper understanding of other people and cultures. I believe this program and a better understanding of the world will help me in my goal to have a positive impact on it.




Ayana Gaskins
Major: Nursing

Hi! My name is Ayana Gaskins and I am a nursing major graduating with the class of 2023. I grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, always struggling to understand my identity as a biracial woman. Being half Japanese and half African American, I was exposed to many different cultures and traditions, visiting different countries and learning languages. I became a global scholar in order to gain a better understanding, not just with my identity but to also learn and engage with other cultures around the world, in and outside of the classroom. 




Deianeira Hoffenden
Major: Biology 

Hello! My name is Deianeira Hoffenden!  I am currently a Biology major with a minor in Forensics and Criminal Investigations. I am from Miami, Florida. I applied to be a Global Scholar because I want to gain a deeper understanding of other cultures and the world. I am eager to travel abroad, and for the opportunities that will be offered in this program.