first imageAvril Agüero
Major: Fashion Merchandising

Hi! my name is Avril Agüero and I am a Fashion Merchandising major and a member of the class of 2024. I am from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Being from Central America has helped me open my eyes to the real issues the world is facing. I wanted to be a Global Scholar because of the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge while traveling and learning about the different cultures and communities that are now facing different issues around the world. As an international student, I am thrilled and looking forward to expanding my perspective and creating an impact for future generations, building an inclusive diversity that offers personal and social development for our society.



Nura Aladgham
Major: Nursing; Minor: Psychology

Hello! My name is Nura Aladgham and I’m a Nursing major and Psychology minor. My plan after graduating Marymount University is to hopefully become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist! In addition, I was born and raised in Jordan, and then I moved to America in 2018 with my mom. I chose to become a Global Scholar because I absolutely love to travel and learn about other people’s cultures. Furthermore, I’m beyond excited to be a part of this program, and I can’t wait to start this new chapter of my life.



Jessica Benitez
Major: Sociology; Minor: Pre-Law

Hey there! My name is Jessica Benitez and I’m from Woodbridge, VA. I am a sociology major, on a pre-law track with the class of 2024! My decision to be a Global Scholar unraveled when I saw the unique opportunity it posed to students. It enables you to have a broader outlook on society and culture. I’m eager to interact, learn, and be influenced by a variety of intercultural experiences. Above all, I enjoy working alongside globally-minded peers towards a common goal; it is the embodiment of this program.



Yotwarit “Best” Kornwoodtikun
Major: Fashion Design

Hello! My name is Yotwarit Kornwoodtikun but I go by my nickname: Best. I was born in Thailand but raised in Arlington, VA. I still live in Arlington, VA and what a better way to attend a college near home; Marymount University. I will be majoring in Fashion Design with the Great Class of 2024! I wanted to be a global scholar because I’ve always had the passion to learn about the world and become open minded with cultures, language, new unique community, etc. I am more than excited to see what the program brings me and my peers. I know the Global Scholars Program will bring me justice to help reach my goal for a better future.


Zach Funaro
Major: Political Science

Hi, my name is Zack Funaro and I am a Political Science Major, with a Minor in International Affairs. I currently live in Chesapeake, Virginia but have spent my early years growing up in the Middle Eastern country of Kuwait. My love of global adventure started early on! I wanted to become a Global Scholar because I’ve always been interested in cultural diversity, languages, and travel. I’m excited for this new opportunity to expand my interest in our global community.



Adriana Umaña Santos
Major: Nursing Minor: Psychology

Hi, my name is Adriana Umaña Santos and I am a student at Marymount University majoring in Nursing with a minor in Psychology. I was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia but my parents are from the small country of El Salvador. My plan after graduating Marymount is to become a Certified Registered Nurse in a specific area that I am still determining! I chose to become a Global Scholar because I love to travel and have  the opportunity to gain new experience and discover new things! I always had a passion to learn more about the world and different cultures and languages. I am so grateful and excited to be a part of this program and hope to make a difference for future generations!