On-Campus Global Engagement

Local to Global

You don’t need to be abroad to be a part of a global community.

Marymount Global strives to make intercultural exchange and community accessible to all Marymount students and the greater Arlington area. Whether you would like to bring guest speakers to discuss globally-focused issues or celebrate your country’s culture, MG is here to support you. On-Campus Global EngagementThe MU Local to Global Initiative was created to promote internalization at Marymount University without having to leave the country. Marymount Global partners with staff, student groups, and academic departments to provide opportunities to explore global issues, engage with the international community, expand knowledge about diverse cultures, and develop global competencies that are essential to culturally diverse work environments.

We engage the Marymount community online and in person. Online, we have developed two resource pages for students:

Every year, we also host incredible events on and off campus in the D.C. area. Keep your eyes on our Instagram and Facebook for updates on this semester’s events.

Some of our annual traditions include:

  • Monthly Intercultural Lunch & Chats
  • International Banquet
  • Hispanic Heritage Month events
  • Dia de los Muertos ofrenda
  • Global Fall Hayride
  • Lunar New Year
  • International Education Week*
  • International Thanksgiving
  • Holi Celebrations

You can find this semester’s events in our Event Calendar tab. In the meantime, please follow the Marymount Global’s Engage, ISSS’s Engage, and Avanzamos’ Engage pages for events around campus.
On-Campus Global Engagement

*International Education Week (IEW) is a special week sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and State Department when schools and programs around the U.S. promote and celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange around the world. Marymount Global and International Student Services team up with partners around campus to promote a global perspective and teach the community about the impact international exchange has.

This week falls around mid-November every year so keep your eyes open for the wonderful campus-wide events we will host. Please RSVP to any and all events you will attend via Engage! 

MU Engage Events