Study Abroad Blog

Study Abroad Blog

MUsings of the Traveling Saints is Marymount University study abroad blog, created as a platform to highlight our students’ global lessons and lives. Here, students studying abroad can share their stories and the changes they experience all while welcoming you, our readers, to their personal journey. 

The mission of the MUsings of the Traveling Saints study abroad blog is to serve the Marymount University community and potential community members of the future by providing an engaging inside view into Marymount University students’ life abroad. Through blogging, our bloggers, or Global Ambassadors, are encouraged to be engaged abroad, to reflect on these experiences’ effect on their lives, to cultivate intercultural competence, and to inspire future global students so we can continue to learn from each other in and out of the classroom.

Our Global Ambassadors:

Every semester, we will select a handful of students who apply for our blog to be Global Ambassadors. These Ambassadors will be able to use their weekly blog posts as a space for reflection on their experiences abroad ranging from the academic, the social, cultural, and the self. It is an invaluable opportunity to have their work and experiences shared and to help future Saints decide their study abroad path.

To Become a Global Ambassador:

If you are interested in becoming one of our Global Ambassadors, you must first apply to one of our study abroad programs. In your application, you will have an optional questionnaire for our study abroad blog where you will have to submit a (minimum) 500 word writing sample. Applicants will receive an email in the week or two following the application deadline stating if they have been accepted.

If you have any questions about MUsings of the Traveling Saints, please contact Korrin Harvey, Global Education Advisor.