Housing Options as an International Student

Housing Options as an International Student

Students have different options to live on and off campus. International Students are encouraged to live on campus in order to have an easier transition and adjustment to American culture. The many benefits of living on campus include: Great location and social and community environment.

On-Campus Housing:

Marymount University operates residence halls for undergraduate and graduate students. Housing information will be sent to the student with their admission information. Information regarding opening and move-in dates are emailed to your Marymount email account. This information is also available online here. For further information, please contact Campus and Residential Services at (703) 284-1608 or email rlife@marymount.edu.

Students who are 21 years old or younger and whose families do not live within commuting distance of the university are required to live on campus during their first two years at Marymount University. 

Graduate international students are able to live in graduate student housing, available at The Rixey, located at Marymount’s new Ballston Campus cutting your class commute to the time it takes to ride an elevator!

After paying your deposit, you generate you MU portal account. You can submit your housing application there.
You will receive via your Marymount email address your residence hall room assignment, roommate’s name and contact information, and a list of suggested items you may want to  bring to campus with you.

Students who are interested in living in an especially supportive environment on campus are encouraged to live in the Marymount University Global Village (MUGV) residential learning  community. Global Village residents engage in cross-cultural programs and experiences that enhance their global competencies, promote understanding of and sensitivity to diversity and inclusion issues, and promote civic engagement and social justice domestically and across borders. The Global Village is located in Ostapenko hall. If you are interested in living in this community please indicate so in your housing application.

Vacation Housing:

The residence halls are open during Winter Break. However, students who wish to reside in housing during this time must apply for Winter Break housing and will be billed for the time they are in residence. International students are encouraged to visit friends or relatives, travel around the country, or visit with other students in their homes. Make your plane reservations as early as possible if you will be traveling a long distance.

Off Campus Housing:

Students may choose to live off campus with relatives who are within the campus  commuting distance. 

To search for other alternatives visit this Marymount off-campus resource site. The great advantage is that our campus is very close to a central metro and bus station.