Housing Options as an International Student

Housing Options as an International Student

Students have options to live on or off campus. International Students are encouraged to live on campus in order to have an easier transition and adjustment to American culture. The many benefits of living on campus include a great location and the social and community environment!

On-Campus Housing

Visit the Student Living and Residential Experience webpage to find housing and related information for undergraduate and graduate students.

Note: students who wish to reside in on-campus housing during school winter break must apply for Winter Break housing and will be billed for the time they are in residence. International students are encouraged to visit friends or relatives, travel within the United States, or visit with other students in their homes. Make your plane reservations as early as possible if you will be traveling a long distance. If you plan to travel out of the U.S., please read the travel information before making final plans.

Off Campus Housing

Students may choose to live off campus with relatives who are within the campus  commuting distance or may find alternatives by visiting the Marymount off-campus resource site