Immigration Requests

About the ISSS Portal

The Marymount International Student & Scholar Services Portal is a paperless application that will allow you to view and manage your immigration record. Through the portal, you can learn the process and initiate all the different immigration requests applicable to your F-1 status. On the left side menu, you will have available to read at any time all the information regarding the different processes and immigration requests related to your I-20 that you may need throughout your time as an international student.

How to Access the Portal

All students can access and read the content related to all the processes and requests. However, in order to start an immigration request, review your profile, or contact an international advisor you must log in as a user.

  • New students will receive an email with the link and instructions to log in after they deposit and confirm they will be attending Marymount. Then they must create their MU account first in order to have their MU credential, which they will use to log into this ISSS portal. Click on the upper right button to login.
  • Current students log in to the ISSS Portal using your MU credential by clicking the login button in the upper right corner.
  • Students on OPT will no longer use their MU credentials after graduation so they will transition to access their account using your personal email. On the upper right corner click the login button and then select I do not longer have access to my MU ID.

How to make an immigration request

Once you log in there are four number tabs on top. Click on the last tab labeled “Initiate and Manage Your Requests.” There you will have a set of icons for each type of request. Click on the icon to start and follow all the required steps. After you click submit, the international advisors will automatically receive your request.
In Addition, Click number 1 to check important announcements. Click number 2 to review your profile and all your personal and academic information. On number 3, you will be able to see your financial information.

Request Processing Times

We ask that students give us a week to process immigration requests. Requests such as travel signatures may be completed faster than others, while OPT applications may require a few appointments. Some requests such as reduced course load forms, CPT applications for graduate students, and OPT requests will require you to put down your academic advisor’s email so they can confirm important information within the request. Due to this verification, your request may take a few days to process. We recommend reaching out to your advisor as well to let them know they will receive an email about this request if your immigration request on the portal requires their information.

To avoid any major delays, please ensure you read the instructions and information on each request carefully and upload the correct documents. If there is an error, you will receive an email from ISSS. Make sure you respond quickly to ensure your request is processed quickly.