Request an Initial I-20 for an F-1 Student

We are excited for you to start your education at Marymount University! All international students who do not have another valid immigration status that allows them to study in the U.S. or would like to change their current visa status to F-1 are required to obtain a Form 1-20 to receive an F-1 student visa, which will allow them to study and stay legally in the United States during the duration of their studies.

If you are a student with an active F-1 student visa and you currently hold a Form I-20 from another U.S. institution, you must arrange for the transfer of your SEVIS record to Marymount and obtain a Form I-20 from Marymount. Please read about the transfer process here.

Follow These Steps for an I-20

  1. Confirm that you will be attending Marymount and pay the $500 deposit.
  2. Three to five days after students pay the deposit, they will receive an email with a link to access the ISSS portal, where they will be able to initiate the I-20 request. 
  3. Students should generate their MU account prior to logging into this portal.
  4. Once in the ISSS portal, students will be prompted with a series of questions needed for immigration, and will be asked to upload the following documents:
  • Copy of passport
  • Declaration of Finances
  • An official copy of the bank statement showing the total amounts below based on your program including tuition, housing (regardless of on or off-campus), health insurance, food, and more*. Please note that the financial requirement is mandated by Homeland Security.
  • For students sponsored by their government or other institutions, a financial guarantee from their sponsor that should be valid within the next year.
Category/ Program  Undergraduate programs Business- Technology Graduate Education Graduate program Other Graduate Program Doctor of Physical Therapy
Tuition 36,145 21,761 17,171 21,581 40.470
Housing 14,686 16,980 16,980 16,980 16,980
Transportation, books, supplies 6,250 6,250 6,250 6,250 6,250
Total in US Dollar ($) 57,081 44,991 40,671 44,811 63,700

*If you have been awarded a scholarship or a Graduate assistantship from Marymount, you may deduct the scholarship amount and demonstrate the remaining funds in a bank statement plus the letter that confirms the award.

Students who are bringing dependents

F-1 students can only bring a spouse and /or their own children as dependents. If you have dependents accompanying you, please have their passports and official translations of marriage and/or birth certificates for each member, to be uploaded in the ISSS portal at the time you are completing the I-20 request.

In addition to the amounts above, students with dependents should demonstrate additional funding of $9,375 to support a spouse and $ 6,250 per child.

I-20 Processing Time

Upon receiving all completed documents, the processing time for an I-20 typically takes 5 to 10 business days. If your documentation is incomplete, you will be contacted by a staff member.

If you have further questions or need assistance using the portal, please contact International Student and Scholar Services at or call at 703-526-6922

To learn how to apply for a Visa as an F-1 Student, click here.