Student Access Services

Mission Statement

SAS collaborates with instructors, staff, and community members to create usable, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable learning environments for Marymount students with disabilities. Students are able to engage SAS to strengthen their self-advocacy skills and learn about resources and services that enhance their academic strategies for success. As a result, students with disabilities can fully participate in and enjoy the benefits of higher education at Marymount.

Student Access Services (SAS) Goals

  • Scholastic Self-awareness: SAS wants students with disabilities to be aware of their own academic strengths and challenges in light of their disability, and to use that information to effectively evaluate their choices to maximize the likelihood of academic success.
  • Student Well-being: SAS wants students with disabilities to feel confident that they have the personal qualities and institutional support necessary to succeed in college.
  • Academic Persistence: SAS wants to maximize the likelihood that students with disabilities enter, persist, and graduate from college.

Partnering with SAS

  • SAS staff members understand that each student has unique strengths and challenges.  It is important for students to collaborate with SAS personnel to ascertain the most appropriate and effective supports and/or accommodations available to them.
  • Marymount’s SAS team is available throughout the year for information and services for our existing and prospective students.  Prospective students and their families may schedule an SAS meeting as part of a campus visit itinerary with Marymount’s Admissions Office.

Available Services

  • SAS provides support, assistance and advice to empower students to utilize all campus resources throughout their college experience in order to achieve their personal and academic goals.
  • SAS provides advice and general information on disability-related issues at Marymount to students, faculty and staff.
  • SAS provides reasonable supports and accommodations to students with disabilities.

Students with Disabilities

  • Out of respect for our students’ privacy and autonomy, Marymount does not actively or openly identify students who are in need of disability support services and/or accommodations.
  • SAS requests that students self-disclose and register with SAS in order to initiate disability related services.