Testing Accommodations

In-person test proctoring is available for students who are registered with SAS and are approved to receive testing accommodations. Here is a link to the test proctoring request form. Here is a link to further information about SAS’s test proctoring service.

Should students or faculty have any questions about SAS approved testing accommodations, please contact our office at access@marymount.edu or (703) 284-1538. We are happy to work with you to address any questions or concerns.

Academic Accommodations

Step 1: Student obtains current copies of Faculty Contact Sheet (FCS) from SAS via email.

  • Student reviews approved accommodations, and recommended supports detailed through the content of first page of FCS and alerts SAS with any questions or concerns.
  • Student adds their name and current date to second page of FCS upon agreement of the accommodations detailed on first page.
  • Student emails both pages of FCS to each professor and requests best means to communicate with instructor regarding FCS content (discussion may take place through email, Zoom, in-person, or over the phone).

Step 2: Student discusses with professor how accommodations will be implemented. 

  • Faculty member and student discuss how testing and other accommodations will be implemented.
  • Student agrees with professor when, how, and in what form the exam will be administered.  This proactive interaction will prevent confusion when the test is actually given by the instructor some time later in the semester.
  • This testing / exam agreement is very important to assure that extended testing time accommodations are implemented both efficiently and effectively.  This agreement clarifies the need for professors to set any additional extra time allowances on online timed exams.

Step 3: Student and/or instructor contacts SAS if there are any questions regarding exam administration or listed academic accommodations and supports.

  • Student and/or instructor should contact SAS if there are any questions regarding how and when exams are administered.  Please contact SAS at access@marymount.edu or (703) 284-1538 to arrange a Zoom or in-person meeting to address questions and concerns.

Step 4:  Student and faculty agree/confirm exam administration and the means to implement other academic accommodations.  

  • Upon agreement of implementation of listed accommodations and supports, students must ask for the professors’ signatures and date on the second page. This substantiates the agreement and activates accommodations.
  • Students should request each professor to email the signed second page back to SAS.
    • Example – from: faculty@marymount.edu, cc: abc12345@marymount.edu, to: access@marymount.edu
  • Should student and instructor decide to use SAS test proctoring service to administer an exam with accommodations, please refer to the proctoring service procedure outlined on this webpage.