Accessible Technology

Apps for Universal Design and Accessibility

Students are encouraged to supplement the support services they are already receiving at Marymount.  Educational apps for productivity, text-to-speech software, research tools etc. are widely available.  These apps can be used by anyone and have become very popular among students with and without disabilities, as well as faculty members and professionals.

Available at Marymount:

A safe download of Read & Write Gold is available online for any Marymount student or employee who would like to use the software for school, personal, and work-related purposes.  R&W Gold is also installed in MU computer labs, including the Student Academic Hub’s main testing room. Instructions for downloading free personal copy of R&W Gold are as follows:

  1. Log in to the Portal (
  2. Select “Quick Links”, then “Technology Services” (an ITS webpage will open).
  3. Select “Read & Write Gold”.
  4. Download the Mac or Windows PC version, as appropriate.

The Read and Write (R&W) Gold software program appears as a floating toolbar at the top of the computer screen that will read PDFs, websites, and other digital text on the screen aloud.  It also has a large, comprehensive collection of tools to help students with writing assignments, research, and studying. R&W Gold is available for both Mac and Windows.  Learn more in these brief videos:

Most computers have access to a multitude of features that enhance usability, including VoiceOver screen-reader, speech recognition engines, screen magnifiers, mouse pointer customizations, etc.  Click the links below to look through the directories of accessibility features from the Apple Mac and Windows PC websites:
Apple Mac Features                             Windows Features