Deaf & Hard of Hearing Protocol & Policy

Student Access Services (SAS) collaborates with students to address communication needs in order to achieve fair and equitable access to Marymount’s learning environments. This informational resource is designed to assist students in working effectively with the SAS team. Students are urged to read through this entire protocol & policy document to understand the scope of both SAS and student responsibilities.

Students are strongly encouraged to take initiative before and throughout each semester to communicate their needs since academic challenges may occur at any time. Effective and efficient communication access provision relies on consistent collaboration during both the planning and implementation of SAS-provided services. SAS looks forward to partnering with Marymount students to efficiently identify and accurately administer communication access services!

Key Points to Remember

  • SAS provides communication access accommodations for enrolled students in academic endeavors and, to a limited extent, other campus engagement activities (e.g., residential/housing and transportation).  Click for more info
  • SAS provides reasonable accommodations, which requires some discussion between students and SAS.  Click for more info
  • Students are required to register with SAS to receive communication access accommodations, and should correspond with SAS early and regularly about their needs.  Click for more info
  • Students benefit if they work closely with SAS well before the start of the semester.  The quality of students’ communications access accommodations is often within their control, as they are able to clarify context and preferred style of delivery with their communication access professionals.  Click for more info
  • Students should use “Priority Registration,” which allows them to secure class enrollment before peers and gives SAS additional time to put communication access accommodations in place prior to the start of the semester.  Click for more info
  • Students must complete this form to request communication access accommodations in a prompt, reasonable manner when following SAS timelines for academic classes and activities to include course events which occur outside of regularly scheduled class meeting times.  Click for more info
  • Students must contact SAS via email at as soon as possible if temporary or permanent revisions to scheduled communication access are needed.  Click for more info
  • Students should know, respect, and follow the professional code of conduct that governs communication access service provider behavior and job performance.  Click for more info
  • Students should contact SAS via email at as soon as possible if a communication access service provider does not report to their assigned online or in-person class or related event.  Click for more info
  • Students must recognize the importance of their timely attendance.  Assigned service providers wait 20 minutes in class for students to arrive, but then leave to be available for other assignments.  Emergency substitutes are not provided if the communication need is caused by students’ tardiness.  Click for more info
  • Occasionally, students will miss an entire class and forget to notify SAS and the assigned service provider of the absence.  This “No-Show” absence has consequences.  It is important for students to notify SAS at  of any anticipated absence of a class/event no less than 48 hours before the scheduled service.  Click for more info
  • Students requesting “Interpreter Voicing Services” may find a better result if they communicate with their assigned service provider in advance of the presentation/assignment due date.  Click for more info
  • SAS encourages students to provide suggestions as to the best physical layout plan for professors and service providers to maximize on-site communication access efforts.  Click for more info
  • Students should not assume any specific accommodation is automatic.  For example, deaf students are not guaranteed extended time for assignments or exams.  Click for more info