Test Proctoring Service

Throughout the Spring 2023 semester, Student Access Services is offering Test Proctoring for registered SAS students with authorized accommodations. These services will be available three days per week in the Reinsch library.

Students are encouraged to arrange their accommodations directly with their faculty members, but in the event that faculty members are unable to proctor with accommodations in full, our service ensures that students with accommodations have an opportunity to receive their accommodations.

Students should arrange with their faculty members a rescheduled date and time that falls within the SAS proctoring hours. Our Graduate Assistants will proctor exams once all relevant information has been appropriately shared with our office.

The Reinsch Library 212 (main campus) can seat approximately 12 students for proctored testing. We are able to proctor exams for SAS registered students on the following days and times:

  • Wednesdays 9:30 am-3:00 pm,
  • Thursdays 9:30 am-3:00 pm
  • Fridays 9:30 am-3:00 pm
  • *Note: holiday schedules will be communicated approximately 1 week in advance

Students must reserve a spot in advance by completing the testing request form. Faculty members or College designees will then receive an email to submit a testing slip. Once the Testing Slip is returned to us, we will confirm a date and time for the exam to be dropped off, proctored and taken, and picked up.

At this time SAS does not have the capacity to:

  • Accept exams early
  • Store exams overnight
  • Print exams, or
  • Email completed exams back to professors

All exams (e.g. hard-copy, Word document, and/or online Canvas format) must arrive with their corresponding faculty-signed testing slip to Reinsch Library room 212 before the student can begin testing. Information on the testing slip provides important proctoring instructions. Please see full Proctoring Service Procedure below for more information.

Faculty can learn more about what is including in the testing slip here: Testing Slip How-to

A fillable copy of our testing slip can be found here: Testing Slip

Faculty and students are not required to use the SAS exam proctoring service. SAS offers exam proctoring as a courtesy to faculty and students. Faculty who wish to coordinate the proctoring of accommodated exams independently of our service are expected to implement approved accommodations in full. Faculty with questions about a student’s individual accommodations are encouraged to reach out to SAS by emailing: access@marymount.edu.


SAS Proctoring Service Procedure

  1. Student arranges acceptable exam date/time with faculty member, then student makes appointment to utilize proctoring service by completing the testing request google form, which is received by SAS.
  2. Professor and student receive our testing slip to submit back to SAS.
    • SAS accepts testing slips by email or in-person but should be submitted prior to the day of the test. Doing so ensures the student receiving accommodations has sufficient time to complete their exams with all accommodations intact.
    • SAS is unable to accept exam materials until the day of the exam. We will not print or store materials overnight.
  3. Professor or College designee arrives to the proctoring space in Reinsch Library Room 212 during proctoring hours to leave exam materials with our Graduate Students. Student is then able to arrive and take exam.
    • SAS accepts exams in the proctoring space on the same day the student takes the exam beginning at 9:15 am, which is 15 minutes before any exam proctoring begins.
    • The College of Sciences and Humanities is working directly with CSH faculty members to assist in: 1) printing exams, delivering exams along with their required testing slips to the proctoring space; 2) collecting exams once completed from the proctoring space; and 3) returning collected exams to their respective instructors. Faculty in that College are encouraged to work with their Associate Dean regarding details of that process.
    • Student takes their exam while being proctored by SAS Graduate Assistants.
    • Walk-ins without a reservation will not be accepted.
    • If students arrive for proctoring and the accompanied exam or testing slip has not been received, the student will be asked to contact their professor and make other plans (e.g., reschedule the exam with SAS during normal proctoring hours or take it with their professor).
  4. Completed exams leave proctoring space with the designee named on the testing slip.
    • Proctoring services will collect completed exams and hold them in Reinsch Library room 212 for the duration of the same day on which they are received.
    • Proctoring services will release completed exams to the designee named on the testing slip any time until 3:00pm.
    • SAS is only responsible for exams which are physically present in the proctoring space after 9:15 am and before 3:00 pm on the day the student takes the exam in the proctoring space.