Test Proctoring Service

Throughout the spring 2022 semester, Student Access Services is offering test proctoring three days per week in the Reinsch library for students registered with SAS who have testing accommodations.

Faculty members may arrange exam timing/logistics directly with students and know that SAS Graduate Assistants will be available to proctor exams in room 212 of the Reinsch Library (Main Campus) on:

  • Tuesdays between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm,
  • Thursdays between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm, and
  • Fridays between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm.

Reinsch Library room 212 can seat approximately 12 students for proctored testing. Students can reserve a spot in advance or walk-in during the listed proctoring hours, space permitting.

Faculty members or College designees may drop off printed exams and completed testing slips with SAS Graduate Assistants in Reinsch Library room 212. Exams may only be dropped off between 9:15 am and the exam start time on the day the student(s) will take the exam(s). SAS does not have the capacity to:

  • Accept exams early,
  • Store exams overnight,
  • Print exams, or
  • Email completed exams back to professors.

All exams (e.g., hard-copy, Word document, and/or online Canvas format) must arrive with their corresponding faculty-signed testing slip to Reinsch Library room 212 before the student can begin testing. Information on the testing slip provides important proctoring instructions. Please see full Proctoring Service Procedure below for more information.

Click for more information about what is included on the testing slip.


Faculty and students are not required to use the SAS exam proctoring service. SAS offers exam proctoring services as a courtesy to faculty members and students. Faculty are always welcome to implement approved accommodations in other ways, determining how students can access extra time or other approved testing accommodations while also maintaining their exam’s integrity.


SAS Proctoring Service Procedure

1. Student arranges acceptable exam date/time with faculty member, then student makes appointment to utilize proctoring service by completing the Testing Request Google Form, which is received by SAS.


2. Professor, student, or College designee brings exam and completed testing slip to Reinsch Library room 212 during proctoring hours on the day the student is scheduled to take the exam.


3. Student arrives to the proctoring space in Reinsch Library room 212 during proctoring hours and takes exam.


4. Completed exams leave proctoring space with the designee named on the testing slip.