SAS Forms

SAS Student Registration Packet

SAS is proud to work directly with Marymount students through an interactive process for student’s with documented disabilities to review their accommodation requests.  SAS requires Marymount student’s seeking for SAS to review their accommodation requests complete the following registration packet and pair it with their supporting clinical documentation from their appropriate provider.  The review process will not begin until the registration packet and appropriate clinical documentation are delivered to SAS.

SAS Student Registration Packet 

Students requesting SAS to review their accommodation requests at Marymount must submit a completed packet to SAS directly and their clinical documentation following the disability documentation guidelines.  Once SAS receives the student’s completed registration packet and appropriate clinical documentation SAS will reach back out to the student to gather additional information if necessary, email the results of the accommodation review request or schedule an intake session to review their accommodation requests.

Students can submit their clinical documentation and SAS Registration Packet via the following methods to submit their accommodation request(s) for review.

  • Mail: to Marymount University ATTN: Student Access Services  2807 North Glebe Road Arlington, VA 22207
    • Please ensure that you put your documentation to the attention of Student Access Services so it will be delivered to our offices.
  • Drop off: to Student Academic Hub, 1004 Rowley Hall, Main Campus
    • Students should only drop off their registration and clinical documentation with an SAS team member.
  • Email:
    • ***SAS recommends password protecting your submitted files via email

Other SAS Student Forms

Testing Request Form

Students who have approved testing related accommodations where they are able to utilize the SAS Testing Center proctoring services are able to use this form to request to have their exams proctored to have their accommodations put in place.  SAS asks that the request form is completed at least 5 business days before the exam is to be proctored to ensure ample time for SAS to gather the exam and instructions from the faculty member.  All inquires about the test proctoring service can be directed to the SAS Testing Center email:

E-Text/Alternative Text Format Request Form

Students who are approved for the use of alternative textbook formats (i.e., digital, audio) may request them through SAS, after they have purchased the textbook hardcopy on their own. Students should submit an individual form for each textbook and scan an attachment to It may take up to four weeks to receive the alternative format, so students should submit the requests as early as possible. Additional instructions are described on the form.

Sign Language Interpreter Services – Student Request Form

Students who require a sign language interpreter for an MU class or MU-sponsored event must submit this completed request form to SAS, at least 2-3 weeks prior to the date that an interpreter will be needed:, or 703-284-1538.

Personal Care Attendant Agreement Request Form

Students who require personal care attendant services who wish to have the same independent experience as all other college students are encouraged to hire an impartial personal care attendant (PCA), who is not a family member or close friend. Any student requiring the use of a PCA must submit this form in order to register the PCA as a member of the Marymount community.