2-Step Application for Housing Disabilities Accommodations

To obtain prompt and efficiently-implemented accommodations, Marymount students are encouraged to:

1) Complete a housing contract through the Residential Life & Housing – Office of Student Living (click for more info). When finishing that contract, students should include housing preferences within it. These preferences typically include:

  • Specific building.
  • Single or double occupancy.
  • Private bathroom and/or kitchen.

Students may list most anything as a preference. However, students wishing to receive disability-need-based residential accommodations (click for more info) (which could also be repeated in their preferences) must secure approval from Student Access Services.

2) Contact SAS to:

  • Register as a student with a disability which involves providing SAS with documentation from a health care professional that offers a basic description of the student’s impairment (click for more info).
  • Engage in the “interactive process” by meeting with SAS representatives (click for more info).
  • Request disability-related accommodations for Marymount housing (click for more info).
  • Work out the specific details regarding the implementation of SAS-approved accommodations with Residential Life & Housing – Office of Student Living.