School of Technology and Innovation Undergraduate Programs

Want to be at the forefront of information technology? Want to get a high paid position at the edge of technology in government or industry?

We are located in the Washington, DC area (the Capital region) which is one of the nation’s leading hubs for digital technology jobs and is expected to add more than 100,000 technology jobs in the next five years.  These jobs cross a variety of industries- from government, to healthcare, to finance, to e-commerce to energy.

Combined Undergraduate & Graduate Programs

Combined Information Technology (B.S.)/Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
Combined Information Technology (B.S.)/Information Technology (M.S.)
Combined Information Technology (B.S.)/Cybersecurity (M.S.)

IT Minors

Students take a specialization as part of their degree, and may choose one or more of the following minors to focus their skills. Since technology now plays a major part in many industries, students from other majors (e.g. mathematics, biology, criminal justice) benefit in the workplace by taking one of these minors.

Applied Statistics Minor
Business Analysis Minor
Cloud Computing Minor
Computer Science Minor
Cybersecurity Minor
Data Science Minor
Digital Forensics Minor
Game Design and Development Minor
Information Technology Minor
Network Security Minor