Business Analysis Minor

A business analyst (BA) analyzes an organization’s business domain, documents its business processes, and then assesses and recommends the use of additional technology to improve these business processes. A minor in business analysis provides students with specialized knowledge in this growing area of information technology, with a variety of jobs in government agencies and businesses automating some or all of their IT operations as part of digital transformation initiatives. In addition to being part of the B.S. Information Technology, the minor complements other Marymount programs such as business administration or fashion merchandising.

Minimum Grade Requirement: A minimum grade of C is required in any course in the Business Analysis minor.

Residency Requirement: Students must complete at least 12 credits of the minor requirement at Marymount.

Minor Requirements

24 credits

  • IT 125 Web Development
  • IT 210 Software Engineering
  • IT 310 Database Technology
  • IT 321 Cloud Computing
  • IT 380 Electronic Document & Record Management
  • IT 385 Managing Big Data
  • DATA 325 Data Analytics
  • MA 132 Statistical Analysis OR MA 218 Probability and Statistics