Digital Forensics Minor

Digital forensics includes the identification, recovery, investigation, validation, and presentation of faces regarding digital evidence found on computers, networks, or digital storage media devices. A minor in digital forensics is designed for students who are interested in the detection, analysis, and attribution of the use of digital technologies in a variety of criminal activities.

Minimum Grade Requirement: A minimum grade of C is required in any course in the Digital Forensics minor.

Residency Requirement: Students must complete at least 12 credits of the minor requirement at Marymount.

Minor Requirements

21 credits

  • IT 129 Python Scripting
  • IT 205 Digital Technologies
  • CJ 320 Cybercrime and Digital Terrorism
  • IT 120 Cybersecurity Principles OR IT 335 Corporate Cybersecurity
  • IT 305 Computer Networking OR IT 315 Operating Systems and Virtualization
  • IT 321 Cloud Computing
  • IT 370 Digital Forensics

IT majors must take IT 315 and IT 335 to earn the minor.