Student Work & Research in IT

Undergraduate students are encourages to conduct an original scholarly endeavor in the information technology field and present their work to the academic community, both at Marymount and at computer-related conferences.

Students enroll in IT 433 Research and can work directly with any member of the full-time faculty who supervises the project. The full-time faculty currently conduct research in information security, virtual reality, data management, open source software, technology for health care, and other areas.

Examples of student work and research include:

  • Configuring an Internet Firewall for a Typical Small Business
  • Testing Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Creating a Second Life Presence for Marymount University
  • Creating Classroom Exercises for Computer Security Courses
  • Establishing a local Computer Help Desk for the School of Business Administration
  • File-sharing among College Students: The Student Perspective
  • Establishing a Departmental Web site for the Information Technology Program