Fall 2020

Do you have questions about Fall 2020 classes?


Marymount University is committed to offering safe face-to-face opportunities for students (Marymount’s reopening plan is available here). The university’s reopen plan is a broad set of guidelines that your faculty, chairs, and school offices will need to implement. What will this mean for you?

We are operating on what is called a “hybrid flex” model for classes that have a face-to-face component. All students will have the option to complete requirements online, as well, which is especially important for international students and students in high-risk and high-risk caregiving contexts.

Sometimes hybrid flex classes involve partial-class meetings to account for social distancing on a weekly or a biweekly basis, with online components otherwise. There are a lot of models for implementing this, and your faculty are beginning to imagine what their hybrid flex classes will look like. Not all classes will offer face-to-face components.

Some classes, especially those taught by faculty in high-risk contexts, will be moving entirely online. 

Any on-campus course components will be carefully managed to ensure social distancing practices can be maintained. This will likely involve some changes to the Fall 2020 schedule. We encourage you all to reach out to your faculty and especially your chair–those of you who are minoring in English, Writing,  Languages, Gender & Society, and Media & Performance Studies will want to reach out to the department chair of your primary major, in that case–with questions.

We will do our best to let you know what you can expect. Have a safe, healthy, meaningful summer!