Liberal Studies Internships & Careers

Liberal Studies and the Center for Career Development

Liberal Studies and the Center for Career Development have an agreement to work closely together to prepare students to enter the marketplace.  One-on-one résumé
and cover-letter reviews, workshops on government employment, networking, etc., interview simulations, and internship and job search assistance, including a job website targeting Marymount candidates specifically are some of the services offered.


Liberal Studies majors have completed coveted internships, including jobs on Capitol Hill, in political campaigns, and for UNICEF overseas.  Students are encouraged to utilize the wide-ranging opportunities of  Washington, DC:  federal, state, and local government agencies, Think Tanks, Not-for-Profit organizations, the Center for Disease Control, the Smithsonian and other museums, such as the United States Holocaust Museum and Hillwood Estate, etc.

Since this major is frequently taken by individuals with significant work history, the Internship requirement is often fulfilled by the development and assessment of a portfolio:  LS 400 PACE (Portfolio Assessment and Credit by Examination) (3-6 credits.).  The portfolio is meant to foster critical thinking skills and demonstrate the student’s understanding of the interrelationships among the Liberal Studies disciplines.  Requires approval of the dean of Arts & Sciences.


Depending on the chosen Liberal Studies concentrations, a student could be prepared for a job in

  • Communications
  • State and federal government
  • High tech firms
  • Management, sales, or marketing
  • Health care industry
  • Law and justice system offices
  • Social and behavioral sciences settings
  • Teaching and education administration

This major can also be an excellent preparation for law school or other graduate study.