English (B.A.) to M.B.A. Program

Do you want to work in public advocacy or non-profit sectors? Do you want to put your knowledge of context, writing, and storytelling to use in the private sector? Consider Marymount’s English (B.A.) to M.B.A. Program.

This pre-M.B.A. program allows advanced English students to begin to pursue their M.B.A. degree while completing their undergraduate program.  If students begin their graduate coursework while completing their undergraduate programs, they could earn their undergraduate and graduate degrees at an accelerated rate.

English students can supplement their undergraduate coursework with up to six credits of specified M.B.A. graduate courses. The M.B.A. courses would satisfy both graduate and undergraduate program requirements.

Students would be allowed to enroll in up to four graduate-level M.B.A. courses while completing undergraduate coursework; however, only two of those courses (six credits) would be eligible for application to the undergraduate degree.  If students opt to take an additional two courses at the graduate level while completing the undergraduate degree, these courses would only apply to the graduate program requirements.  All four graduate courses would satisfy M.B.A. program requirements.

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the universitywide undergraduate admission requirements, students are permitted to submit an application and, if approved, take graduate M.B.A. courses if they have

MBA Courses

  • MBA 511 Management Foundations
  • MBA 512 Accounting for Managers
  • MBA 515 Management in Organizations
  • MBA 521 Marketing Concepts and Practice