Spanish (minor)

The Spanish minor offers students the opportunity to combine Marymount’s intermediate and advanced language courses with a study abroad program in a Spanish-speaking country. Through this minor, students will develop their language skills and fluency while being immersed in culture and civilization. The Center for Global Education guides students to choose the study abroad program that best fits their interests. (Please see Graduation Honors on page 40 of the Marymount University Catalog for information about study abroad credits and Graduation Honors.)

Minor Requirements (Effective Fall 2017)

The Spanish minor requires a total of eighteen credits.

  • Three to twelve credits from the following courses:
    • SP 201 Intermediate Spanish I,
    • SP 202 Intermediate Spanish II,
    • SP 301 Communicating in Spanish,
    • SP 303 Spanish Civilization and Culture,
    • SP 305 Topics in Spanish and Latin American Literature
  • Six to fifteen credits in intermediate or advanced Spanish courses from approved study abroad immersion program