Author and Editor Biographies

Magnificat, April 2022


Allaa Abdelaziz is an English major with a focus on writing. She has always enjoyed writing stories since she was a little girl. Her interests include reading, watching Food Network, cooking, and spending time with her family.

TJ Arnold is a double major in Psychology and Criminal justice, with a minor in Forensic psychology. She is interested in continuing her education to receive a Ph.D. in social psychology. She currently works at the Historic Congressional Cemetery, researching and writing scripts for residents of the cemetery to be reenacted in the Halloween Soul Strolls event. Outside of school and work, TJ enjoys crocheting, spending time with her roommates, and playing video games.

Izabela Cabrera loves to read and write. She spends her time watching Tv shows for inspiration and writing her books. She is currently working on “The mean girls of College.” She hopes to have it published soon. When her nose isn’t stuck in a book or writing, she enjoys spending time with animals. Izabela loves to spend time with family and take in the simpler things that life offers. She hopes to pursue editing in fiction in the future along with having a books available in bookstores.

Julia Carey is an 11th grade student at Yorktown High School. She’s been an avid quilter, seamstress, and crafter for most of her life, with detours into knitting and cross stitch/embroidery. She’s a poet and writer, participating in her school’s literary magazine. Her other interests include traveling, baking, history, genealogy, reading, and political activism. She also leads the Yorktown chapter of Key Club.

Audrey Clement is a senior at Marymount University. She is majoring in English with a literature concentration, and she especially focuses her research and writing on topics of queer identity, sexuality, and feminism. After graduating, Audrey plans to pursue graduate studies. In her free time, she enjoys reading (duh), cooking, sailing, and going for long drives with the windows down and music on full blast.

Amanda Cordon-Campa is an English major with a focus on media & performance. After graduating in 2022, she has aspirations to enter the field of advertising. Her interest includes playing a wide variety of video games, oftentimes trying to beat the game with all the achievements she can get. When she is not online beating bosses and saving the world, she is roller skating around Alexandria or binge-watching any cool shows on Netflix.

B. Antonia Delawie is a Communication major who is very passionate about writing. In her free time she enjoys writing short stories, reading fantasy and romance books, baking and volunteering.

Liam Done is originally from the Western United States and therefore has an undying passion for National Parks, the San Francisco 49ers, and the smell of sage. He reads voraciously and writes occasionally in his free time. In his opinion books count as furniture and décor pieces and you can never have too many of them. When not reading or writing he also enjoys time with his cats and outdoor adventures.

Sophia Futrell is a high school senior hailing from Arlington, Virginia. She is the senior editor of Yorktown High School’s literary magazine and a volunteer reader for Sepia Quarterly. Aside from writing, she enjoys reading, listening to music, watching video essays, and talking with her friends about odd topics.

Ava Gonzalez is a senior Psychology & Philosophy student. She currently serves as the Editor-in-chief of The Banner student newspaper here at Marymount. An avid writer and reader, she is very, very, very excited to graduate this May.

Isabella Ochalik is a Biochemistry major, with a minor in Pre-Medicine, who aspires to pursue a career in either pediatric cardiology after graduating in 2024. At Marymount, she is a member of the honors college, women’s swim team, SAAC, and AMSA. Recently, Isabella became a mental health ambassador and started a chapter of The Hidden Opponent, an national advocacy group that raises awareness for student-athlete mental health, at Marymount. When she is not studying or practicing, Isabella enjoys traveling, hiking through the National Parks, and sharing meaningful, cultural traditions with her Polish-American family.

Stef Socher is an international student from Germany. She is excited to graduate this Fall with her Bachelor’s in Psychology with a Minor in Criminal Justice. Current plans include working for a few months after graduation and then potentially starting graduate school for Forensic and Legal Psychology. Stef has been active in the Marymount community as a Resident Assistant and is co-chairing the Communications Subcommittee of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. In her free time she enjoys singing, playing the guitar, and running. She just ran her first ever 5k on Remembrance Day with Marymount University.

Charles Soffel is a Communication major with a focus in Broadcast Journalism. After graduating in 2021 he has aspirations of entering the Sports and Entertainment field to hopefully make a career out of his love of sports. Charles enjoys playing golf, attending sporting events and live music, watching movies, and spending time with his wife, Carrie, and two sons, Charlie and Blake.

Piérre Ramon Thomas is an English major, with a concentration in Writing, and a Journalism minor. After graduating in Fall ’22, he hopes to attend graduate school where he’ll further study English and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. In January 2022, he self-published a compilation of his literary art titled The Nomadic Poet: A Collection of Poetry & Prose. Besides writing, he enjoys cooking, meandering through nature, and is a self-proclaimed foodie.