Digital Writing & Narrative Design (B.A.)

Emphasizing writing, critical thinking, and integrative, technologically-minded approaches to writing in the public sphere, the Digital Writing and Narrative Design program foregrounds the work of intentional, purpose-driven design in the products of human thought and creativity.

The Digital Writing and Narrative Design program merges technological sophistication with humanistic inquiry, connecting the work of our Liberal Arts Core with digital literacy and strong writing and storytelling skills. This program prepares students to enter a variety of career fields in the creative economy from multimedia content creation and non-profit work to marketing and social media management, and more. Students can tailor their course of study in ways informed both by their creativity and passions, the employment landscape of the creative economy,  and the advice of their mentors.

Digital Writing & Narrative Design (B.A.)Through the foundation and capstone courses of this major, students learn how to engage with written texts in creative, inquiry-driven ways, culminating with a substantial digital or multimedia writing and research project in their senior year. Students also take courses of their choice from three clusters, organized around Humanities, Writing, and Digital Production and Design, allowing majors to tailor their degree to their interests. Through the cluster in Humanities, students learn how to develop critical reading, writing, and research skills, seeking to understand how stories shape human thought and behavior. Through the Writing cluster, students can develop skills in creative writing, professional and journalistic writing, and digital content creation. Through the cluster in Digital Production and Design, students can gain a range of skills from web development and game design to electronic publishing and video production.

Flexible Transferable Skills

By the end of Senior year, Digital Writing and Narrative Design students develop:

  • the ability to analyze the design elements and their effects in creative writing and media.
  • multimodal literacy by producing high-quality work informed by technology.
  • informational literacy by integrating appropriate research into their own analyses.
  • awareness of public voice through effective presentation or display of their own work.
  • strong writing and storytelling skills in their own critical and creative work.
  • the ability to connect educational experiences to professional employment contexts.

A 39-credit major (6 of which can be fulfilled in the Liberal Arts Core), the Digital Writing & Narrative Design degree is exceptionally well-suited to minors and double majors. Minors that work particularly well include English, Gender Studies, Fine Arts, Business, Information Technology, Web Design, Graphic & Media Design, Communication, Sustainability, Media & Performance Studies, and more.

We also offer an 18-credit minor in Digital Writing & Narrative Design.