Liberal Studies B.A. Program Requirements

There are four components to the Liberal Studies Major (120 credits):

  • The Core Requirements (54 credits required of all Marymount students)
  • 2 Concentrations (18 credits in each—36 credits total)
  • A Triad of Liberal Studies Courses (9-12 credits)
    1. LS 300 Liberal Studies Readings and Portfolio Development
    2. LS 400 Internship
    3. LS 420 Senior Seminar
  • Electives (18-21 credits)

Transferrable Skills

By the end of the senior year, Liberal Studies majors develop the skills to

  • Think critically, analyze before reaching conclusion, and critique one’s own thinking.
  • Use either a single or multiple disciplinary approach
  • Communicate ideas to peers and supervisors succinctly, clearly and objectively.
  • Communicate effectively in writing and speaking.
  • Adapt communications to audience’s interest and knowledge.
  • Manage time to complete immediate tasks promptly and long-term tasks efficiently.
  • Undertake long term tasks or problem- solve a problem through an analytical approach.
  • Present results in concise, well-organized format in a variety of genres for a variety of audiences and purposes
  • Work individually or as part of a team