Magnificat 2022

a journal of undergraduate nonfiction

2022 Editorial BoardDrawing of an orange and yellow sun rising out of an open book with a river flowing away from it.

  • Allaa Abdelaziz
  • Izabela Cabrera
  • Amanda Cordon-Campa
  • Ava Gonzalez

Faculty Advisors

  • Dr. Sarah H. Ficke
  • Dr. Katie Lyn Peebles

Editorial assistant

  • Gregory Gillespie

Table of Contents

Media and Society

“Media Dehumanization of Immigrants” by Liam Done
“Race as a Lived Experience” by TJ Arnold
“Effectiveness of Mental Health Advocacy on Twitter During Mental Health Month” by B. Antonia Delawie

Gender and Identity

“Contradiction in Jane Eyre: Conversations of 19th Century Feminism” by Audrey Clement
“What Sorts of Identity, or Identities, Does Kate Bush Explore in Her Songs, and How Are These Expressed Musically, Textually, and Visually?” by Stef Socher
“Boys Don’t Cry: The Problem of Enforcing Traditional Gender Norms on Children” by TJ Arnold
“The Divine Energies” by Piérre Ramon Thomas

High School Contest Winners

“In Defense of the Featurette: A Case Study of Livia Gershon” by Sophia Futrell
“How Textile Arts Have Empowered Women to Express Themselves Throughout American History” by Julia Carey


Author and Editor Biographies