Minor Requirements

A minor in Writing, Media and Performance Studies, or Literature can enhance and complement study in a variety of areas, especially communications, history, political science, business, and psychology. However, students can choose to complete a minor in English regardless of their fields of study. Students majoring in Liberal Studies can also choose English as a concentration. Learn more about our minors here!


The study of literature deepens students’ understanding of the moral questions at the center of human experience and of our shared humanity across cultures and across time. Marymount’s minor develops students’ range of experience and cultural understanding by examining texts that represent a variety of points of view and historical perspectives. It also provides students with valuable skills in writing, analysis, and critical thinking.

Minor Requirements (Effective Fall 2020)
The English minor requires a total of eighteen credits.

  • EN 200 Approaches to Literary Study
  • Six (6) credits from Survey courses EN 201 through EN 231
  • Nine (9) credits from EN courses numbered 321 or above


Writing is a fundamental skill in today’s world, and the writing minor will help prepare students for professional careers and/or graduate education in a variety of fields. The minor develops students’ persuasive, stylistic, creative, and analytical skills through an examination of the characteristics of successful writing, along with the implementation of successful writing strategies in multiple modes and genres.

Minor Requirements (Effective Fall 2020)
The Writing minor requires a total of eighteen credits.

  • EN 301 The Writing Process: Theory and Practice (3)
  • EN 308 Style and Revision (3)
  • Twelve (12) additional credits from the following courses:
    • COMM 209 Journalism Contemporary
    • COMM 302 Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques
    • COMM 315 Writing for Digital Media
    • EN 211 Principles of Language
    • EN 235 Digital and Nonlinear Storytelling
    • EN 270 Approaches to Creative Writing
    • EN 303 Literary Nonfiction
    • EN 305 Topics in Creative Writing (may be taken more than once for credit)

Digital Writing & Narrative Design

The Digital Writing & Narrative Design minor provides students in an array of majors the opportunity to develop their writing skills in digital, publicly-minded ways.

Minor Requirements (effective Fall 2020)

  • EN 235 Digital and Nonlinear Storytelling (3)
  • Three (3) credits chosen from the Humanities cluster, including the option of EN 240 Introduction to Film and Visual Studies
  • Six (6) credits from the Writing cluster
  • Six (6) credits from the Digital Production and Design cluster

Media and Performance Studies

The media and performance studies minor provides an interdisciplinary examination of film, video, television, multimedia, and Web 2.0 texts with a primary emphasis on textual interpretation and theory and a secondary focus on production. The program seeks to improve student fluency with media, both for academic and commercial applications, in order to enhance students’ understanding of their major disciplinary field. Students will apply their interdisciplinary knowledge through a capstone project that results in a creative presentation, documentary, or ethnographic visual text, or other multimedia production.

Minor Requirements (effective Fall 2020)
The Media and Performance Studies minor requires a total of twenty-one credits.

  • IS 240 or EN 240 Introduction to Film and Visual Studies (3)
  • GMD 404 Performance Media Lab (3)
  • Nine (9) credits (6 outside the student’s major) from the following:
    • EN 207 Theater History
    • EN/IS 220 The Movie or the Book?
    • EN 321 Modern Drama
    • EN 429 Topics in Performance
    • FA 380 Movements in Modern Art
  • Six (6) additional credits outside the student’s major from the following:
    • COMM 204 Video Production: Multimedia Communication
    • EN 212 Topics in Acting
    • EN 235 Digital and Nonlinear Storytelling
    • EN 270 Approaches to Creative Writing
    • EN 305 Topics in Creative Writing
    • FA 103 Two-Dimensional Design
    • FA 110 Cross-Cultural Visual Thinking
    • FA 395 Advanced Studio
    • GMD 202 Illustration I
    • GMD 203 Digital Photography
    • GMD 205 Video Production: Promotional and Informational Communication
    • GMD 308 Web and Social Media Design
    • GMD 404 Performance Media Lab

Gender & Society

The Gender and Society minor provides students with the tools they need to participate competently in society’s current and ongoing conversation about gender. It illuminates the images of femininity and masculinity that shape cultural representations of gender, offers new insight into human difference and diversity, and enhances individual choice and our common humanity. This minor enhances career preparation in that students will be well suited for jobs with advocacy groups; human rights organizations; environmental and consumer groups; health care; and youth, elderly, and social services.

Minor Requirements (effective Fall 2020)
The Gender & Society minor requires a total of twenty-one credits.

  • IS 200 Approaches to Gender and Society (3)
  • IS 400-level Capstone Project (1-3 credits)
  • Fifteen (15) credits in a minimum of 3 academic disciplines (12 credits outside the major), choosing from the following:
    • AA 410 Clothing Selection and Behavior
    • COM 220 Intercultural Communication
    • EN 230 American Voices
    • EN 340 Major Women Writers
    • PSY 110 Human Growth and Development
    • PSY 220 Social Psychology
    • PSY 250 Biological Bases of Behavior
    • PSY 321 Psychology of Gender
    • SOC 306 Social Class in American Society
    • SOC 350 Social Justice
    • SOC 351 Addressing Injustice.