Make a lifelong difference for diverse learners with a bachelor’s degree in Special Education

The individualization of instruction is an important part of special education. Learn how instruction and assessment can be tailored to meet the needs of each child with a Bachelor of Arts in Special Education from Marymount University. Our program, within the School of Education, will prepare you to be a highly skilled teacher with the ability to accommodate the individual needs of diverse learners.

In this program, you’ll help primary and secondary learners meet challenges in literacy and mathematics, conquer communication skills, transition into the learning community, and more. You’ll learn how to identify, research, and implement the best instructional strategies and techniques.

One of the leading teacher education programs in the Metro D.C. area, Marymount prepares its graduates to enter the special education teaching profession and play a critical role in shaping young minds.

  • Programs designed for teachers, by teachers

Marymount’s experienced and dedicated faculty members fully support and engage their students in our small, collaborative classes. They are subject matter experts in special education, curriculum and instruction, educational leadership, literacy, STEM, and more. You’ll partner with them on groundbreaking academic research and professional conferences.

  • Classroom ready

Our Bachelor of Arts in Special Education program gets you ‘classroom ready’ to be a leader in education. Learn and collaborate with students pursuing different types of education degrees. Engage with other lifelong learners who share diverse perspectives and educational experiences. And, participate in a 14-week senior practicum under the mentorship of a special education teacher and university supervisor.

  • Purposeful experiences

Research. Internships. Study abroad. Marymount provides you with purposeful field experiences through established partnerships with local schools and other academic institutions in the Metro D.C. area, across the nation, and globally. You’ll put your coursework into practice participating in fieldwork, internships and other hands-on clinical environments. Placements are also available in Europe, South America, and New Zealand for half of the required 14-week practicum. We also sponsor service learning study abroad opportunities in Colombia, Panama, and Uganda.

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