School of Humanities

School of HumanitiesWelcome to the School of the Humanities, part of the College of Sciences and Humanities at Marymount University. Our school is home to History and Art History, Literature and Languages, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Politics, and Theology and Religious Studies. Our faculty are internationally recognized, innovative scholars; creative teachers who chose Marymount out of a love of teaching and a strong commitment to student success. We offer nine different undergraduate majors, a master’s degree program in English and Humanities, plus a score of minor programs. We also offer an interdisciplinary Liberal Studies program, where students can design their own course of study, and returning students can more easily complete their undergraduate degree.
As Director of the School, I believe in the value of the Humanities as a focused field of study. We live in a rapidly changing world. By pursuing one of our Humanities degrees, or adding one of our minors to your graduation plan, you will become a critical thinker, a curious investigator who is a healthy skeptic, and able to communicate clearly with both words and images to multiple audiences. You will also become an independent and creative problem solver who cares passionately about what you do. In short, pursuing a Humanities degree will transform you into the sort of candidate that employers truly want to hire — to say nothing of the joy that comes from studying something you love!

Our Humanities programs are designed to connect not only with other programs on campus, but also with the unique opportunities in the Washington, D.C., region. With our campus located just six miles from D.C., many of our classes engage students with the capital’s strong culture of performing arts, museums and libraries, as well as this region’s special connection to the history and politics of our nation. Our philosophy and theology classes focus on ethical problems in contemporary society, and many courses have been tailored to discuss ethical decision-making relevant to Marymount’s outstanding professional programs.

I believe that the School of Humanities offers some of the most valuable majors on campus, and if you enroll in one of our programs, it may be one of the smartest choices of your career. Explore our website to meet our faculty, to learn more about our majors, minors, and master’s degree programs, or to find out the sort of academic and workforce opportunities a degree in one of the Humanities majors might offer you. As Director of the School, I am happy to talk to you at any time about how the Humanities can make you better at whatever you choose to do.

Ariane Economos, Ph.D.
Director, School of the Humanities
Associate Professor of Philosophy