School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Welcome to Marymount University’s School of Social and Behavioral Sciences! We offer undergraduate degrees in Communication (with an optional specialization in Sports Communication), Criminal Justice, Political Science and International Relations, and Psychology. Psychology has teamed up with Biology to offer you an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience. We offer a variety of minors, including Sociology, Communication, Criminal Justice, Political Science and International Relations, and Psychology and unique interdisciplinary minors in Forensic Psychology, Forensic and Criminal Investigations, International Studies, Journalism, Public Relations, Writing, Gender and Society, and Sustainability. These undergraduate degrees provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a career, graduate school, and life. 

At the graduate level, we offer master’s degrees in Forensic and Legal Psychology (with an optional specialization in Intelligence Studies), a unique combined Counseling and Forensic and Legal Psychology dual degree leading to licensure as a professional counselor, and beginning in Fall 2024, a fully online master’s degree in Social Work. We offer several accelerated pathways from undergraduate to graduate degrees that will reduce the number of years spent studying (and paying for school), such as our 3+3 Bachelor’s to Law degree, our BA to MBA Program, and our BA to Forensic and Legal Psychology MA Programs.  I invite you to explore our numerous degree options.

We are a diverse community of scholars who actively lives Marymount’s mission by engaging in lifelong learning, serving others, and fostering connections with people around the globe. The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences houses disciplines that attempt to solve pressing problems of our times using different lenses, but overlapping scientific methods appropriate to the study of people and the structures and organizations they create. Our vibrant classrooms are safe spaces where students can explore new ideas. All students complete at least one internship, where they apply skills learned in the classroom to real-world problems. 

Our full-time faculty are both experts in their field and passionate educators who foster students’ intellectual curiosity and support their personal growth. Our part-time faculty are actively working in their fields and provide important professional connections for our students. All of our faculty are expert teachers with years of experience in the classroom. Our faculty take pride in the successes of our graduates, and the advising and support we provide for our students lays the foundation for successful careers.  

I encourage you to come to campus to experience Marymount for yourself. I invite you to meet the faculty, mingle with other students, learn about our programs, and see the difference Marymount University can make for your future!

Linda R. Cote, Ph.D.

Director, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences