Communication Program Minors

The Communication Program offers minors in these three areas:

  • Communication
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations

Minor Requirements – Communication

The minor in Communication is an 18-credit minor that requires students to take the following six (6) courses:

Required for all Communication minors:

COMM 100 Introduction to Media Communication
COMM 101 Public Speaking

Choose at least one of the following:

COMM 206 Introduction to Public Relations
COMM 209 Contemporary Journalism

Communication Minor Electives:

Nine (9) additional credits in Communication (COMM) courses that count toward a B.A. in Communication. At least two (2) of these courses, for a total of six (6) credits should at the 300 or 400 level.

Journalism Minor Requirements

The interdisciplinary Journalism Minor prepares students to serve the crucial societal need met by journalists to fulfill the role of the press in a democracy. Students learn the background and skills required to practice innovative, ethically- and civically- minded journalism. The minor also provides media literacy education that is necessary to decipher our complicated news and information environment, making students more critical users and creators of news and information. Even for students who do not necessarily plan to pursue careers in journalism, having journalistic knowledge and skills is highly desirable in related fields such as strategic communication, public relations and public affairs where it is important and useful for success in gaining favorable media coverage for their own organization or clients to understand the processes and values with which journalists and their organizations work. The journalism minor broadens and deepens students’ knowledge, awareness and appreciation for the role of journalism in society.

Journalism Minor requires a total of 18 credits.


COMM 209: Contemporary Journalism
COMM 307: Broadcast Writing & Delivery
COMM 315: Writing for Digital Media
COMM 403: Principles of Communication Law

Choose two (2) from the following:

(Communication majors must complete two courses for this minor that do not count toward their major requirements.)

COMM 204: Video Production: Multimedia Communication
COMM 399: Topics in Communication: Advanced Reporting
EN235: Digital Storytelling (LT-1 and DSINQ)
EN 303: Creative Nonfiction (WI)
POL 231: Media and Politics (SS-2)
GMD 200:  Electronic Publishing OR GMD 308: Web and Social Media Design (one of these courses may be taken towards the minor but not both)

It is recommended that students pursuing the Journalism Minor take MA132 Statistical Analysis to fulfill the MA LAC university requirement

Public Relations Minor Requirements

Public relations represents a strategic communication process that includes ethical and professional client interactions directed at achieving mutual objectives and results, researching and analyzing trends, planning and decision making, communicating and collaborating with stakeholders, and building positive relationships with key public constituencies and the media. This minor will prepare students to meet the knowledge objectives, goals, skills, and competencies required not only in public relations, but also in related employment areas such as corporate communication, integrated marketing communication, public information, and external affairs. The minor will also prepare students for graduate education in communication, public relations, marketing, and other related fields.

The public relations minor requires a total of 18 credits. It is recommended that communication majors who wish to also minor in public relations take COMM 206, COMM 302, and COMM 401, and choose three courses from the designated marketing course options.

Minor Requirements

COMM 206 Introduction to Public Relations

Choose at least one of the following:

COMM 302 Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques
COMM 401 Public Relations Case Studies

Four (4) additional courses must be selected from the following list:

COMM 209 Contemporary Journalism
COMM 302 Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques
COMM 310 Career and Professional Communication
COMM 315 Writing for Digital Media
COMM 401 Public Relations Case Studies
COMM 402 Organizational Communication
MKT 204 Sustainable Marketing
MKT 301 Principles of Marketing
MKT 310 Event Planning
MKT 319 Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications