Communication (B.A.)

Marymount University’s Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Communication prepares students for 21st century communication careers. The B.A. in Communication degree program capitalizes on our location next to the nation’s capital by connecting students with exciting opportunities to gain real-world experience.

Washington, DC is a dynamic environment with so much to offer the aspiring communication and media professional — major newspapers, network news bureaus, interactive media outlets, public affairs and government relations agencies, think tanks, corporate public relations operations, and more. The daily happenings at the White House, Capitol Hill, the State Department, the Federal Reserve, government agencies, and multinational corporations fuel the buzz.

Our location is also great for unique internship opportunities at places like the Smithsonian, the Kennedy Center, Capitol Hill, and more!

The Communication Program Also Features

  • Transferable skills to help students succeed in their chosen career paths after graduation
  • Special Events and Guest Speakers every semester, in-class, and campus-wide.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with a faculty mentor to undertake scholarly research through Marymount’s DISCOVER program.
  • The opportunity to publish your work in Marymount’s student-produced onlineCommunication (B.A.) newspaper, The Banner. Students can also apply for editorial and design leadership positions with The Banner.
  • The opportunity to publish your academic writing in Marymount’s magazine of student work, Magnificat.
  • The opportunity to be inducted into the Communication honor society, Lambda Pi Eta.
  • The opportunity for Marymount students to be selected for the Honors Program.
  • Eligibility for funding to attend professional conferences and workshops through the University’s DISCOVER student travel grant program.
  • The opportunity to present your academic research to the Marymount community at the Student Research Conference in April.

At Marymount, you’ll benefit from a student-centered learning environment where you’ll get personal attention from faculty members who have decades of experience in mass media and the communication industry. Have we whet your appetite to launch your career in this incredible setting? If so, consider a Communication degree at Marymount University, a coeducational Catholic institution that’s Metro accessible to all of the excitement of Washington, DC.

What Alumni are Saying:

Communication (B.A.)“My experience as a student in the communication program at Marymount was an extremely valuable one for many reasons. The great faculty in the program provided me with the capacity and confidence to challenge and push myself. Ever since graduating, I have found myself excelling at my job consistently, and I attribute that to the skills the communication program equipped me with.” Ali Al Shabnan, Class of 2016

Communication (B.A.)“The opportunity to intern at Comcast SportsNet gave me hands-on experience creating highlights, running a teleprompter and even an opportunity to shoot standup for a reel. Classes such as Broadcast Writing and Delivery, Public Speaking, and Journalism prepared me for this competitive field. Interning at CSN puts me in better position to obtain my dream job of being a sports anchor.”  Sahar Niaz, class of 2017

Communication (B.A.)“The intimate class size, combined with the deep knowledge of my communication professors contributed to an amazing learning experience. In addition, the proximity to Washington led to an internship with CNN and a long, rewarding career in journalism that as a kid, I had only dreamed about.”  Michael McManus, class of 1994

Communication (B.A.)“My counselor and professors really cared about my success throughout my time as a student and even after graduation, and the curriculum reflected that. The education that I received while at Marymount gave me the foundation I needed to begin my career in communication.” Megan Ratliff, class of 2009


Communication (B.A.)“Without a doubt, my time at Marymount University shaped my career path. I can’t say enough about the amazing professors in the Comm. department, like Dr. Fallon, who inspired me through their own personal experiences and their ability to engage students through their dynamic way of storytelling.  Before I started my internship at NBC News/MSNBC in Washington, D.C., I got the unforgettable opportunity to travel to Beijing through Marymount’s Study Abroad program.  We were actually the first MU students to travel to China through the program.  We were there just before the start of the 2008 Olympic games which added so much texture to our experience and the conversation regarding how media works in a county like China.  When I returned and began working at NBC, I was able to provide a unique and impressive perspective, all thanks to my study abroad semester.  I can’t thank the amazing professors at MU enough!” Vanessa Freeman, TV Host and Personality, class of 2008 

Communication (B.A.)“What drew me to attend Marymount were the small class sizes. I appreciated the intimate relationships I forged with my fellow Communications majors as well as the professors. And hey, I’m glad Dr. Fallon is still there! She really whipped me into shape. I’m now an Investigative Reporter and Fill-In Anchor at KHON2 News, Honolulu’s Fox and CW affiliate.” Brigette Namata, class of 2009


Communication (B.A.)“MU shaped my career completely. The relationships I made at MU continue to help me develop personally and professionally. For example, my professors served as my references for my first job after graduation, my internship the summer of my junior year led to my first job out of college, and my participation as an alum led to my first job on Capitol Hill.” Jocelyn Garay, class of 2012