Student Learning Assessment Reports

Marymount’s academic programs are required to submit annual reports on the results of their assessment of program-level student learning outcomes and the ways in which they have used those results to identify strategies for continuous improvement. These reports are evaluated by the University Assessment Committee, which provides feedback to programs on the effectiveness of their assessment processes and ways in which those processes might be strengthened. Every six years, programs are required to undergo a comprehensive review.

Programs with a strong track record of effective assessment may apply to move to a two-year reporting cycle. In addition, programs that are undergoing review are not required to submit a report during the year of the review.

Assessment and Program Review Schedule (as of Spring 2019)

1=Program is conducting a periodic review.
2=Program is on a two-year reporting cycle.
3=There are no students currently enrolled in the program.

Undergraduate Programs

Program 2019-20 2018-19 2017-18
Art (B.A.) 2 Report 1
Biochemistry (B.S.) Report Report Report
Biology (B.A.) Report
Biology (B.S.) Report Report Report
Business Administration (B.B.A.) 1 Report Report
Communication (B.A.) 2 Report 2
Criminal Justice (B.A.) 2 Report
Data Science (Cert.) 3 3 3
Economics (B.A.) Report Report 1
English (B.A.) 2 Report 2
Fashion Design (B.A.) 1 Report Report
Fashion Merchandising (B.A.) Report Report Report
Graphic Design (B.A.) 1 Report Report
Health Sciences (B.S.) Report Report 1
History (B.A.) Report Report Report
Information Technology (B.S.) Report Report Report
Interior Design (B.A.) 2 Report 1
Liberal Studies (B.A.) 1 Report Report
Mathematics (B.A.) Report 1 Report
Media Design (B.A.) 1 Report Report
Multidisciplinary Studies (B.A.) (renamed Education in 2019-2020) 2 Report Report
Nursing (B.S.N.) Report Report 1
Philosophy (B.A.) 1 Report Report
Politics (B.A.) Report Report Report
Psychology (B.A.) Report 1 Report
Sociology (B.A.) Report 2 Report
Theology and Religious Studies (B.A.) Report 2 Report


Graduate Programs

Program 2019-20 2018-19 2017-18
Business Administration (M.B.A.) Report 2 Report
Counseling (M.A.) Report 2 Report
Counselor Education and Supervision (Ed.D.)
Cybersecurity (M.S.) Report Report Report
Education: Administration and Supervision (K-12) (M.Ed.) 2 Report Report
Education: Elementary Education (M.Ed.) 2 Report Report
Education: English as a Second Language (M.Ed.) 2 Report Report
Education: Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.) (formerly Professional Studies) 2 Report Report
Education: Secondary Education (M.Ed.) 2 Report Report
Education: Special Education (M.Ed.) 2 Report Report
English and the Humanities (M.A.) 1 Report Report
Family Nurse Practitioner (Cert.) Report 1
Forensic and Legal Psychology (M.A.) Report Report Report
Health Care Management (M.S.) Report Report Report
Health Education and Promotion (M.S.) Report 1 Report
Human Resource Management (Cert.) Report 2 Report
Human Resource Management (M.A.) Report 2 Report
Information Technology (M.S.) Report 1 Report
Interior Design (M.A.) 2 Report 1
Leadership and Management (M.S.) Report Report Report
Nursing (D.N.P.) Report Report Report
Nursing (M.S.N.) Report 1
Organization Development (Cert.) 2 Report
Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) Report 1 Report



Program 2019-20 2018-19 2017-18
Honors Report
Liberal Arts Core/Fundamental Competencies 1 Report Report

For additional information on student learning assessment at Marymount, please contact the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness.