Assessment of Student Learning

Student learning assessment is the systematic examination of student learning in a degree program. The goal of student learning assessment is to continue improving the academic quality of the institution. By examining student outcomes, Marymount is able to assure its effectiveness relative to its educational mission.

Effective assessment of student learning outcomes answers three questions:

  • What knowledge, skills, and attitudes will successful students have acquired upon graduation?
  • How well do students perform relative to these learning outcomes?
  • How can programs improve to provide a stronger academic experience to students?

When conducted properly, learning outcomes assessment has benefits for the entire institution.  It benefits students by ensuring they master the material of their degree program.  It benefits faculty by providing the tools necessary to lead curricular renewal and development. Finally, it benefits the entire institution by giving the institution documented evidence of student learning and achievement, thereby validating the institution is faithfully meeting its mission and goals.

Marymount University’s Policy on Assessment of Academic Programs

Important Dates

September-June Programs assess student learning.
September  30 Program-level assessment reports on prior year are due, submitted to the Dean with a copy to PIE (
September 30 Applications to move to a two-year assessment reporting cycle are due.
September-October University Assessment Committee (UAC) reviews assessment reports.
November UAC sends feedback to programs, reports to Deans and President, programs make revisions to reports as needed.


Student Learning Assessment Reports
Marymount’s academic programs submit annual assessment reports of student learning relative to faculty-defined outcomes. This page provides links to the past three years of program assessment reports.

Guides, Templates, and Other Resources
This link will take you to Marymount’s Assessment Handbook, reporting templates, and other resources to help you plan and implement an effective and useful assessment process.