Information Technology (M.S.)

Technology plays a significant role in our daily lives and drives much of the business and government activities of the Washington metropolitan area. Moreover, many jobs focus on the efficient and effective management of IT.

Marymount’s information technology graduate and undergraduate programs are coordinated through The Cyber Center in the Ballston Center, fourth floor.

Marymount’s Master of Science in Information Technology prepares individuals for leadership roles in the IT industry. The program provides knowledge and skills across the entire range of topics in the industry – systems engineering, decision-making for IT, ethics and law, computer networking, database technologies, IT governance and strategy, Web development, and cybersecurity.

To meet career needs, students have the option of selecting a track as part of their degree studies:

Marymount’s location near Washington, DC, is particularly advantageous, as many government-related IT matters become the source of discussion and study. Marymount’s full-time IT faculty members – all of whom hold advanced degrees – are hands-on practitioners and scholars. They conduct research, participate in professional activities including congressional committees, and continually participate in professional development opportunities. Adjunct faculty members support the program, bringing their real-world experience from such organizations as the FBI, Department of Labor, the Aerospace Corporation, Noblis, the Department of the Navy, and ManTech.

The student body in Marymount’s IT program is culturally and professionally diverse. They work for the federal government, international organizations, government contractors, educational institutions, and local nonprofits. Students work collaboratively on projects and lab assignments and develop the 21st century skills needed in today’s workforce.

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