Cybersecurity Track

This track prepares students for the cybersecurity field, the fastest growing segment of the IT workplace, particularly in the Washington DC area. Students cover the body of knowledge required by the major cybersecurity certification exams such as CISSP or CEH.

  • IT 535 Advanced Computer Security
  • IT 547 Security and Privacy of Electronic Documents
  • Two (2) courses from the following: IT 537 Computer Forensics and Incident Response, IT 547 Security and Privacy of Electronic Documents, IT 557 Monitoring, Auditing, and Penetration Testing, IT 560 Cryptography, IT 567 Global Cybersecurity, IT 575 Information Security Management, IT 587 Cybersecurity Systems: Certification and Accreditation, IT 590 Topics in Information Technology

(Students who have enrolled in the certificate program and successfully completed this track will receive the Computer Security and Information Assurance graduate certificate in addition to the degree.)