IT Student Work & Research

All graduate IT students complete their program by conducting a research project (IT 680) in order to integrate and apply knowledge acquired in the degree program to a specific problem. Students can work directly with any member of the full-time faculty, who supervises the project. Students may select from a list of projects or propose their own for approval by the supervising faculty member.

Full-time faculty members currently conduct research in:

  • cybersecurity
  • mobile apps
  • data management
  • open source software
  • global ethics
  • project management
  • technology for health care

Examples of recent student work and research includes:

  • Approaches to Hardening the Linux Operation System
  • Development of Web-based Employee Contact Information for a Corporate Intranet
  • Technologies for Building Social Networks for Small Nonprofit Organizations
  • Developing an Online Graduation Petition Application
  • Linux Replacing Windows: Making the Corporate Decision
  • When and How to Implement Windows 7
  • Building an IT Governance Structure for a Large Project
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing