Data Science Track Requirements

Data science is the fastest growing component of information technology, with a large number of jobs available, some of these in government and also many in the private sector. There are many different jobs in data science but the underlying driving factor behind high data science demand is the power of big data in many fields including business, technology, science, and medical. As data has exploded everywhere so the need to collect, manage, and analyze has also increased. Organizations are looking for additional “value” from their data and are hiring people with data science backgrounds to assist them. This track focuses on the applied tools, technologies, and methodologies that make data science work in a variety of disciplines from business to healthcare.

  • IT 540 Enterprise Data Management and Analysis
  • IT 546 Principles of Data Science
  • IT 556 Data Visualization
  • IT 576 Natural Language Processing OR IT 586 Machine Learning

Did you know that by completing a specialty track, you can also earn a certificate in that discipline without taking additional courses? Apply for the Data Science Graduate Certificate!