Emerging Technology (M.S.)

A rapidly adapting What’s Next Economy will be driven by innovators who have multidisciplinary skills in technology, leadership and intrapreneurship. We have innovated so you can too.

Many of the best opportunities in the What’s Next Economy will go to people who have an entrepreneurial mindset and who combine a deep understanding of technology with managerial insight. Our Emerging Technology MS is one of few programs anywhere in the country that combine these essential skills into a single degree program.

Our Emerging Technology program is based upon our educational innovation: the stackable certificate. A stackable certificate program provides the ultimate in modularity. Students can earn a single stackable Certificate in a field or they can earn three stackable Certificates and automatically obtain an Emerging Technology MS. Moreover, the stackable certificate model offers additional flexibility: a student can take up to five years to earn their certificates and then be awarded a Master’s degree.

There are seven stackable Certificates available:

To obtain an Emerging Technology MS, a student must successful complete any two of:

And, any one of: