Prepare to Tackle an Ever-Changing Digital World

Technology is everywhere, ever changing, and integrated into almost every aspect of our lives. With innovations like artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and big data, Marymount University’s master’s degree in Emerging Technology offers the theoretical and practical training you need to stay up-to-the-minute on the latest breakthroughs in the IT field. Our Emerging Technologies degree offers maximum flexibility, allowing you to take three 12-credit certificates in a 5-year time frame.

The most exciting and in-demand IT positions require an information technology professional to be knowledgeable on emerging technologies. You may have a good foundation on technology, but if your education is more than 5 years old, you probably need to reskill with the technologies needed for Web 3.0, artificial intelligence applications, low code and blockchain processes, quantum computing, and more. Our M.S. in Emerging Technology will set you up for an exciting career in digital transformation, regardless of your background. You can also take the certificates individually, and receive a credential each time you complete a certificate.

Custom-built programs for IT professionals

Marymount’s Emerging Technology master’s degree is designed for information specialists who want to stay connected to state-of-the-art advances in technology, focus on specific sectors, and enhance their career. Marymount allows maximum flexibility, offering students the option to take 3 12-credit master’s certifications within a 5-year timeframe.  Choose at least 2 from:

If you chose only 2 from the above, you can add 1 additional certification in:

Classes that are small enough for networking and mentorship

No matter if you choose our graduate certificate in Data Science track, the Digital Transformation certificate, or any of our other concentrations, you will rarely have more than 25 students in a class. Our small graduate-level courses mean you will have more time to talk to your faculty members, and they’ll have more time to help you with finding a top tech job or solving a challenging problem.

Optimal location

Technological transformations are happening every day in our own backyard, Washington, D.C. With so many IT-related positions with federal agencies, contractors, military divisions, and businesses available in the region, there will be countless job opportunities after you graduate. Our Center for Career Development is also a key resource for helping you move into an exciting job.

Expert leadership

Our Emerging Technology faculty work with leading contractors, corporations, and federal agencies across the metro D.C. area and around the world. They are engaged in grant-funded research on groundbreaking new areas of technology like cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, privacy, data lakes and data fabrics, and quantum computing. Through their comprehensive expertise and hands-on projects both inside and outside the classroom, you’ll develop important skills to help you lead and manage emerging technology projects for business, government, education, and more.

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