Management and Marketing Research Area

Dr. Darrell Burrell is interested in diversity, inclusion, organizational development, technology management, and leadership development in higher education, business, healthcare technology, and cybersecurity. It is critical to create spaces in these domains that are inclusive of women and people of color. These areas require an entrepreneurial mindset and an understanding of innovative ways to change organizational cultures, leadership approaches, and outreach methods.  Dr. Burrell brings the benefit of significant research and professional experience in diversity, inclusion, and leadership development from the U.S. federal government, private industry, and academia. 

Dr. Larry Clay’s research mainly concerns dynamic and complex relations in sustainable development and innovation in city ecosystems. Scholarships focus on inquiries about social, economic, and environmental positive impact on our social structures, governance, cultures, economies, as well as how to innovate conscious entrepreneurship and business development education to increase workforce diversity and readiness for conscious capitalism. Future research interests include quantum organizational designing, quantum organizational culture: A new consciousness in designing organizational culture.

Dr. Nancy Engelhardt’s research interest in environmental marketing began while completing her Ph.D. and led to the publication of her dissertation on environmental product labeling. She has published articles relating to consumer use of eco-labels on product packaging and cause marketing social media campaigns. Because of her work in developing sustainability curricula, she was invited to participate in curriculum development by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AAASHE). Her interests include sustainable marketing, social enterprise and nonprofit branding, cause-related and social marketing, and “green” advertising. She has presented research in the United States, Russia, Africa, Austria, Switzerland, and Portugal. Dr. Engelhardt has over 15 years of experience working with nonprofits focusing on conservation including the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute. She has also volunteered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and various nonprofits to support sea turtle programs. Dr. Engelhardt is the invited U.S. Board Member of the International Association on Public and Nonprofit Marketing (IAPNM/AIMPN).

Dr. Joe Eulberg focuses on applied human resources, primarily improving teaching, practical work and applied research. He currently works with organizations like the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to evaluate and improve human resource effectiveness, including areas such as talent management, compensation, audit and risk management. He has actively worked in teaching: evaluate, understand and improve work in performance management, total pay, predictive analytics, global business experience, strategic human resource management and other practical business focus. He has also worked with organizations like Bob Evans Farms to develop corporate business structure.

Dr. John Jamison researches management and organizational behavior with a focus on employee wellbeing, decision making, and nonprofit management. He has written and published on work burnout, decision making bias, sensemaking, narrative theory, human resources management, high performance work systems, emotional labor, boards of directors, turnover, employee voice, research methods, and text analysis methods. Dr. Jamison has over a decade of industry experience in corporate communication and has managed projects and conducted training in leader communication, organizational culture, employee engagement, non-profit communication, employee communication, and HR communication.

Dr. Carlo Ninassi conducts research on strategic management, entre/intrapreneurship, and business planning. He presents his research at national meetings such as the International Academy of Business and Southwestern Social Sciences Association. He also publishes in a variety of peer-reviewed journals. As a member of the Academy of Management (AoM) – Strategic Management and Entrepreneurial Divisions, and the International Academy of Business (IAB), Dr. Ninassi has served as a peer reviewer and in leadership roles including board-level positions. His research interests include Innovation and Entre/Intrapreneurship, Telemedicine and Allied Tele-Health, and Small Business Strategies for given regional areas. His work incorporates design methods used in architecture to inform his pedagogy and research. 

Dr. Soumya Sivakumar primarily does research about global emerging economies that are successful in creating frugal innovations and marketing them to achieve economies of scale. Her research includes the creation and operationalization of frugal innovation capabilities and their consequences on the innovation agendas of firms leading to firm level performance metrics. She uses mixed methods to conduct her empirical research including qualitative interviews, scale development, using grounded theory to develop a conceptual model and related hypotheses testing.

Dr. Carly Speranza is a qualitative research expert with research interests in leadership, management, organizational behaviors, and cross-cultural environments. She has written extensively on leadership behaviors and personal philosophy that contribute to and detract from organizational stability and psychological safety. More recently, she published about gender barriers in multinational organizations and how leadership behaviors among women leaders can socially deconstruct gender-related bias. She has also applied interpretative phenomenological analysis techniques to leadership research. 

Dr. Jennifer Yang has been conducting research in the areas of fashion merchandising and marketing. She has published articles on conceptual theories applicable to apparel mass-customization. Related to apparel mass-customization, she published an article about male consumers’ willingness to adopt mass-customized dress shirts, which filled gaps in literature investigating under-researched menswear product categories. She is currently working on research projects related to students perceptions of fashion entrepreneurship, pedagogical strategies in fashion merchandising, and use of technologies to enhance apparel supply chain transparency.