Carlo Ninassi

Carlo Ninassi (no photo)

Assistant Professor

Academic Credentials

BS, The Pennsylvania State University
BS, The University of Maryland System
Masters, University of Maryland System
Doctorate, Colorado Technical University
Post-degree Certification, The Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania


Carlo serves as an Assistant Professor in the Management and Marketing Department. His areas of expertise include strategic planning and management, entre/intrapreneurship, and business planning. He presents his research at national meetings such as the International Academy of Business and Southwestern Social Sciences Association.  He also publishes in a variety of peer-reviewed journals.
As a member of the Academy of Management (AoM) – Strategic Management and Entrepreneurial Divisions, and the International Academy of Business (IAB) Carlo has served as a peer reviewer and in leadership roles including board level positions. 
Carlo is engaged on campus as well serving on multiple committees, advising and mentoring his students. He is a member of the “Dream Team” for Admissions and has been cited by the Athletics Department as a featured faculty member with impact.

Other Information

Business Design Charette Methodology (BDCM) – Carlo’s teaching philosophy in delivering course subject matter is through activity-based learning. By applying his experience as a professor, as a former architect and as a management consultant he developed the BDCM and uses it at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The BDCM is based on the design studio Charette process used traditionally by architects. The BDCM teaches students how to go through an intense “Design Charette” process for business topics and subject matter (not building architectural design). The BDCM promotes team development and fosters learning by applying acquired business knowledge and skills to a diverse set of business subject matter topics. The learning experience for a student is greatly enhanced.
Dean’s Review Panel – While at MU Carlo instituted the Dean’s Review Panel for the SBT Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) capstone course highlighting business planning. In this required capstone course student teams develop a semester long project (e.g., a business) and related business plan. The teams present their project plans to the Dean’s Review Panel, which includes the SBT Dean along with other selected faculty and invited professional subject matter experts. The Dean’s Review Panel continues to this day and has evolved and matured over the last ten years. Other SBT programs (i.e., MBA program) have adopted this venue with great success. The students are reluctant at the semester’s start but by the end they are elated at the outcome and realize the importance the process serves in preparing them for the real professional working world.
Arlington County – Economic Development Commissioner – Carlo was appointed in December 2018 to a three-year position as a Commissioner with Arlington Economic Development office and the Economic Development Commission. In this capacity Carlo has worked on a task for developing Four Mile Run (neighborhood) Arts and Industry District, Small Business Enhancement and testified and voted to bring Amazon to Northern Virginia in 2019. Additionally, Carlo has brought visibility to Marymount University in Arlington County through student volunteering, internships and class projects.

Teaching Area

  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • International Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Planning – Capstone (BBA & MBA)

Research Interests

  • Innovation and Entre/Intrapreneurship
  • Telemedicine and Allied Tele Healthcare
  • Small Business Strategies for Given Regional Areas


Doctoral Dissertation: “The Strategic Location of Facilities Based on the Determinants of Competitive Advantage for a Selected Regional Area” – Colorado Tech University, 1997

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American Institute of Architects, “Tools and Techniques of Change Management” Chicago, IL, June 2014

The Pennsylvania State University “A Strategic Real Estate Decision Model for the Internal Revenue Service”, University Park, PA February 2016

Institute for Public and Private Partnerships – Lecture series to Foreign Government Leaders on Leadership, Communication, Design-think, Innovation, and Decision-making, Arlington, VA November 2015-April 2016.

Marymount University, “Making Your Organization Innovation-based: An Innovation Framework”, Arlington, VA April 2016 (Pending Journal Publication).

Marymount University, “Design Thinking and Innovation: Skills of a Leader”, Arlington, VA April 2016

Southwestern Social Sciences Association – “The Relationship Between Economic Cluster Timelines and Architectonics in Italy from 800 BCE to Present”, Orlando, FL presentation October 2018.

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A Pedagogical Approach for Instruction in a Tele-Physical Therapy Program   Pending Publication June/July 2020.


Phone: 703-284-4981