Healthcare and Law Research Area

Dr. Uma Kelekar has extensive experience conducting health services research in the fields of public health dentistry, health economics and policy. She uses a variety of large survey datasets and employs innovative empirical methodologies to investigate emerging trends and patterns in healthcare services utilization across multiple vulnerable and underserved segments of the population and multiple healthcare settings. As a senior fellow at the Center for Optimal Aging at Marymount University, she serves as a co-investigator on several grants and does research on topics of older adult falls, morbidity, and mortality.

Dr. Susanne Ninassi’s research interests include the scholarship of teaching in law, and ethics in law and healthcare management. Having formerly practiced law in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, specializing in civil litigation, she is particularly interested in the intersection between law and organizational systems. Recently, she published about the use of real-world scenarios and simulations to teach decision making to healthcare management graduate students. She also recently published about building leadership skills through assessment and reflection in graduate capstone coursework at Marymount University.