John Jamison

John Jamison (no photo)

Assistant Professor

School of Business

Academic Credentials

PhD, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

MPhil, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

MA, Iowa State University

BA, Humboldt State University


John joined the Marymount faculty in 2021. Prior to Marymount, he’s taught in universities in the US and Asia. John spent over 12 years working in corporate communication and human resources serving banking, technology, manufacturing, and nonprofit sectors. John worked in China for 25 years before coming home to the US to join the Marymount faculty.

Research Interests

Organizational behavior; Corporate communication; Employee wellbeing; Judgement and decision making


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Jamison, J. (2017). The transformation of internal communication in the digital century. The International Academy of Business Communication Hong Kong Symposium on China, Hong Kong, China.