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The Residential Life Staff at Marymount University is a team of professionals, graduate, and undergraduate student leaders who work together to enhance the residential experience for students. They create a sense of community and provide support to ensure a positive living environment.

The professional staff members oversee the management of the residence halls, including the development of policies and procedures. They address any issues that arise and provide guidance to the student staff. Their expertise in student affairs ensures that the residential communities are well-maintained and conducive to student well-being.

Graduate and Undergraduate student leaders, such as Resident Assistants (RAs), play a crucial role in fostering a sense of community. They live on the residence hall floors and build relationships with residents. RAs organize events, offer guidance on campus resources, and address resident concerns.

Overall, the Residential Life Staff at Marymount University is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive living environment. They promote academic success, personal growth, and social engagement. By fostering community and support, they contribute to the overall college experience for students.

Student Living Staff

Our Staff Our Staff

Tamia Davis

Director of Residential Experience

Email: tadavis@marymount.edu

Tel: (703) 248-1608

Dana Carter

Residence Coordinator

Email: ddcarter@marymount.edu

Tel: (703) 248-1608