Dining Services

Need a place to get a snack between classes? Can’t start your morning without a cup of coffee? Want to grab lunch with your friends between classes? We have a great place for you directly through our Dining Services here at Marymount!

We are very proud to offer a variety of dining locations all across main campus and the Ballston center. With a range of dining options from all you can eat buffet in Gerard Dining Hall to Ballston Cafe, you will never need to go hungry while you are at Marymount! Check out some of the great information about Dining Services and the meal plans offered here at Marymount down below!

Dining Locations

Part of knowing where to find what will fill that craving is knowing about all of the different dining locations that we have on campus! Check out this cheat sheet (or click to find out more) about our dining locations spread across campus.

Gerard Dining Hall

This is our traditional all-you-can-eat buffet style cafeteria. Serving all throughout the day, and even into the late night, Gerard Dining Hall has multiple stations that serve an ever changing menu of items throughout the day and the week. Find out more!


Bernie’s is all about the grill. Burgers, sandwiches, and other specialties always look good with a side of fries. Bernie’s Menu 2022

Lola’s Cafe

Good morning! It just might be time to stop by Lola’s for a cup of coffee. Lola’s is our on cmapus coffee shop and convenience store location. With drinks, sandwiches, and some sweet treats, Lola’s is the place to stop by in the morning. Don’t miss out on the massively popular smoothies! Find out more!

Ballston  Cafe

Located at the Ballston Academic Center, Ballston Cafe serves as our go to place for a great lunch for students hard at work. With a grab and go style set up, you are able to go out and enjoy sometime in the Ballston area while eating some amazing specialties. Find out more!

Meal Plans

At Marymount we do offer a range of Meal Plans to all of our Residential AND Commuter students! Conveniently added to a students Marymount ID card, having a meal plan on campus makes it easy to always be able to grab whatever you are looking for whenever you want.