Four-Year Residency Requirement Housing Policy

Marymount University has a four-year live-on requirement for all undergraduate students, which means students are expected to live on campus throughout their entire undergraduate education. This policy aims to create a vibrant campus community that fosters student involvement, personal growth, and academic success. Living on campus provides easy access to resources, support services, extracurricular activities, and social events. It promotes interactions with faculty, staff, and peers, developing important life skills and a sense of belonging. However, the university understands that some circumstances may warrant an exemption.

Fall 2023 Housing Exemption Request Form

See below for some of the reasons you could request for an exemption to the Four-Year Residency Requirement housing policy. Please note this is just a request for an exemption and NOT a guarantee of approval. Falsification of information on these forms will result in being denied and possibly referred to disciplinary action.

Married or Single Parent

Student is married or a single parent. Student must submit a copy of their marriage certificate or a child’s birth certificate.

Dependent Family (I.E., Dependent Children)

Student is the legal guardian of dependent children.

Living Locally with Parent(s) or a Legal Guardian

Student is living with parent(s) or a legal guardian within a 26-mile radius of Marymount University.  A “permanent residence” is defined as a dwelling that is owned, maintained, and inhabited for a minimum of 12 months by the parent(s) or legal guardian. For verification, the student must provide a copy of the parent(s)/legal guardian utility bill with an address matching the information provided on the exemption request.

Medical Needs

Student has medical needs. Student must provide recent medical documentation within the last 60 days. Medical documentation must be from a physician, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), or other licensed medical professional. Documentation must include the student’s medical condition and living requirements needed by the student based on their medical condition.

Financial Hardship

Student requesting exemption from housing based on financial hardship must provide supporting documentation showing extreme financial need. Documentation needed includes most recent financial aid verification/award (or if no FAFSA is on file, copies of most recent federal tax return, evidence of recent employment termination, evidence of extreme hardship i.e.: death of a primary income provider, medical expenses exceeding insurance maximum coverage, etc.). NOTE: Requests for residing off-campus for financial savings may not be considered for a valid reason.

Attendance of Study Abroad Program or Participation in an Internship

Student will not be on campus for the academic year due to completing university affiliated study abroad or internship programs in other parts of the world. Student must provide documentation of the program/internship they will be participating in.

Reside in Off Campus Residence

Student requesting an exemption based on off campus residence must provide supporting documentation such as a signed lease in their name. This exemption only applies to students in their Senior year who are in good academic standing.

Veteran/Active Duty Military

Students requesting an exemption based on their status as an Active Duty Military Member or Veteran Status must provide a copy of their DD214 as proof of Veteran or Active Duty status.


Students requesting an exemption for “other” reasons including extenuating circumstances should provide detailed explanation and documentation of their particular situation.