Dining Services


  • Cafeteria-style meal service is offered at the Gerard Dining Hall. Unlimited portions are provided on all items except special event items
  • Retail service is provided at the Lola’s Cafe, 1950 Bernie’s Grill, and the C-Store (convenience type, Grab ‘n Go), and the Ballston “EAT”
  • The dining halls are managed by Marymount University Dining Services. Your dining hall managers work with your Culinary Council in an effort to provide nutritious, delicious, and appealing meals.

 Meal Plans

Undergraduate students living on campus are required to be on a meal plan.  The different plans are geared to fit the varied needs of today’s students, faculty, and staff. For updated meal plan information go to: https://marymount.edu/student-life/housing/dining-1/

 Changing Meal Plans

Students may change their meal plan up until the first day of Fall classes. Any changes within the first two weeks of school will result in proration.