Walking Route

Walking Route

In an effort to help boost physical activity for our students, we have curated a list of the following walking paths. Please be sure to take the appropriate precautions to ensure your safety such as using the buddy system, using the pedestrian crosswalks, and more!

Main Campus Loop (.5 miles)

  • Begin at the shuttle stop beside the Chapel
  • Follow the sidewalk towards the pedestrian crossing (heading towards the Lodge)
  • Take a slight left towards Berg and continue towards the tunnel
  • Continue beside the library, passing by the blue parking garage as you head towards the sidewalk on 26th st.
  • Make a slight right towards Caruthers taking the pedestrian crossing at Yorktown Blvd
  • Take a slight right at the caruthers fountain at Old Dominion Dr, then head right towards Osta
  • Head towards the bridge
  • At the end of the bridge, make a slight left towards the shuttle stop near the Lodge
  • Continue towards the sidewalk beside the lodge.
  • End at the shuttle stop beside the Chapel
  • Repeat 4 times for a total of 2 miles

Main Campus/ Ballstop Loop (1.8 miles)

  • Begin in front of the shuttle stop beside Butler and heads towards Glebe Rd
  • Head left on Glebe Rd. until you reach Fairfax Dr
  • Take the pedestrian crossing on your right towards the Marymount Ballston building
  • You can end here and take a shuttle back or head back towards main campus for a total of 3.6 miles

Other loops recommended by Arlington County: