Payment Plans

Semester Based Payment Plans

A payment plan is available to qualifying students. All arrangements, including the initial payment, must be completed at least one week prior to the payment due date. Payment plans are available per semester only.

How to Apply

Students may now create a payment plan by logging into Marynet for Students and simply clicking on Create a Payment Plan on the Make a Payment page of their eBill. Students will be able to select the qualifying current semester, and then click Submit after agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the Payment Plan.

  • Each semester’s costs may be budgeted with no interest rate assessed.

Important Information Regarding Payment Plans:

  • Payment plans can only be created by the student or a Student Accounts Representative.
  • Payment plan amounts are based on the balance that is posted on the eBill.
  • If a payment plan is created before Student Health Insurance is waived, and/or before State Tuition Grants are posted (after the last day to add/drop), your payment plan will NOT automatically adjust to the new balance due.
    • If you would like to adjust your payment plan contracted amount to reflect your updated balance due, please contact Student Accounts. Otherwise, any overpayments will be refunded at the end of the semester. 
  • At this time, the payment plan does not offer the option of automatic bank deductions.
  • Payments can be made towards your payment plan through the web, over the phone, or in person at the cashier’s office.
  • NOTE:  Payment Plans set up after the tuition due date will require a down payment.

Tuition Payment Plan Enrollment Deadlines:

  • Fall Semester:  October 31st
  • Spring Semester: March 31st
  • Summer Semester: June 15th
    • If you would like to set up a payment plan for a balance after the above cutoff date, please contact Student Accounts to make arrangements.
    • If a payment plan is created after the registration for a future semester has opened, the student’s hold (if applicable) will remain on the student’s account until the first payment is received.

Payment Due Dates:

  • For the fall semester, payments may begin as early as August 1 and must be paid in full by December 1.
  • For the spring semester, payments may begin as early as January 1 and must be paid in full by May 1.
  • For the summer semester, payments may begin as early as May 15 and must be paid in full by July 15.