About Your Bill

Your eBill

Your eBill is based on the information in our system as of the date the the eBill is generated. This information is subject to change as you add and drop classes, make payments and financial aid is adjusted.

  • On your eBill, the CHARGES section shows you the various items you are being charged for the semester.  If you have a prior balance due, it will be reflected on the eBill SUMMARY page next to the semester in which the charge is from.
  •  The PAYMENT section shows you any payments made.
  • The FINANCIAL AID section shows your financial aid awarded.
  • The BALANCE section shows the ending balance after your ANTICIPATED FINANCIAL AID is applied.

Items on your eBill

Technology Fee

  • Students will be assessed a Technology Fee each fall, spring, and summer semester of $22 per credit up to a maximum of $275 per semester. This fee supports technologies that enrich the learning environment. The following are some examples of services and initiatives funded by this fee: computer labs, updates to the course management system, expanded on-campus wireless access, and help desk services. In addition, some courses require that students purchase stand-alone computer software and/or textbook software packages.

Student Government Fee

  • All full-time undergraduate students pay a Student Government Activity Fee of $100 per semester ($200 per academic year).

New Student Fee

  • A one-time new student fee is assessed for all degree- and certificate-seeking students in their first semester. All new students will pay this fee to cover such items as student ID cards, orientation, new student programs, regular transcript requests, and graduation fees (except late application fees). Students entering in the fall, spring, or summer will be assessed this fee as follows:
    • First-college first-year students: $800
    • Transfer students: $800
    • Graduate students: $270
  • A degree-seeking student who previously attended Marymount will be charged the Transfer Student Fee upon re-enrollment.

Health & Well-Being Fee​

  • The Health and Well-Being fee supports the operation of Marymount University’s Student Health Services and Student Counseling Services, providing all students access to medical care; 12 individual counseling sessions per year; 24/7 crisis mental health services; unlimited group counseling; and additional health and well-being services.
    • All Students Full-time and Part-Time students pay a $50 per semester (Spring, Fall & Summer) Health & Well-Being Fee.

Bloomberg (School of Business and Technology Students)

  • The $50 charge is for the Bloomberg Terminal fee which is a mandatory fee charged to all students of the School of Business and Technology.
  • This fee is to provide access to the Bloomberg terminals, and all the data they provide.  Students will have access to terminals across the campus that will allow them to complete course assignments and research projects.

International Student Services Fee (International Students)

  • The $90 charge is for the International Student Fee fee which is a mandatory fee charged to all International students in the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • The fee is to support the operation and services provided by the International Student Services Office.